Performing 1/22 @ 2:40

Rotana was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She stubbornly believes that the only way to own your power is to challenge boundaries. Rotana sings for anyone who was born into limits. The music is playful, sexy, in-your-face. It feels like heat. It is a call to unapologetically be yourself and get loud with it.

In 2013 Rotana moved to the U.S. on an employee scholarship from Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, fully owned by the Saudi government. In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden for a woman to sing in public. She immediately began to pursue music while attaining her masters degree at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. In 2015, Rotana quit her job to pursue music full time.

“I believe that the choice to unapologetically be yourself is the truest form of independence. It is the most peaceful rebellion that this world so desperately needs."

Rotana is releasing her debut song “Daddy” on January 27th It will be available everywhere including iTunes and Spotify

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2017 Sundace Film Festival