Michael Franti

Performing 1/23 @ 4:40

In creating their ninth studio album Soulrocker, Michael Franti & Spearhead introduced a new sensibility to their potent hybrid of hip-hop, rock, folk and reggae: a gracefully arranged take on electronic music that more than fulfills the band’s mission of making impassioned music you can dance to. Soulrocker shows Franti’s singular ability to channel frustration into music that’s both thought-provoking and triumphantly hopeful. Ever compassionate, earlier this year Franti visited Istanbul, Turkey to speak and perform at the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Summit.

“Franti occupies a unique position in the current music scene. He was a founding member of late-’80s experimental funk band the Beatnigs...eventually evolving into...Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. Since forming Spearhead in 1994, Franti’s sound has grown more melodic. He’s now known for writing and performing catchy, often socially conscious, singalong pop songs that combine folk, reggae, rock, soul, hip-hop, and assorted world music flavors into an intoxicating amalgam.” - Acoustic Guitar

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