Gus Reyes

Sundance Film: Sueno en otro idioma (I Dream in Another Language)

GUS REYES Gus Reyes is a Mexican composer best known for his work in The Dark Side of Light (2014), Mexican Gangster (2015), and The Charro de Toluquilla (2016). Reyes made his international debut with The Dark Side of Light, which earned him a nomination for the Jerry Goldsmith Award at the International Film Music Festival of Cordoba, Spain 2014, and later for the Silver Goddess Manuel Esperón Award 2015 for best music for a film at the Pecime Press Awards. He is also known for his orchestral arrangements for several rock bands, such as Zoé (Mexico) and Dorian (Spain). Recently Reyes was selected for the Sundance Film Music Program 2016 that took place at the Skywalker Ranch, Nicasio, CA.

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