Danny Bensi

Sundance Film: The Discovery

Danny is an internationally-raised musician who studied the cello and received a music degree from Northwestern. For several years, Danny played cello in the instrumental, cinematic rock band Priestbird, which toured extensively in North America and Europe. They were invited to open for reputable bands including Pearl Jam. In 2010, Danny and his bandmate Saunder Jurriaans were approached to score their first feature movie Two Gates Of Sleep (directed by Alistair Banks Griffin) which premiered in Cannes. The film demanded a unique orchestral score that quickly garnered the attention of other directors. From Johnny Greenwood-esque avant-garde classical music to sweeping orchestral scores, the composer duo has since scored an array of award-winning, edgy films and documentaries including Martha Marcy May Marlene (dir. Sean Durkin), Simon Killer (dir Antonio Campos), The One I Love (dir. Charlie McDowell), Bluebird (dir. Lance Edmands) and Enemy (dir. Denis Villeneuve), which won the award for Best Musical Score at the Canadian Screen Awards and is rated as one of the best scores of 2014 by Indiewire. Sundance 2015 has five films scored by Danny and Saunder: Last Days in the Desert (dir. Rodrigo Garcia), James White (dir. Josh Monde), Nasty Baby (dir. Sebastian Silva), Wolfpack (dir. Crystal Moselle), Rabbit (dir. Laure De Clermont Tonnerre) and Franny (dir. Andrew Renzi). Current projects include The Discovery (dir. Charlie McDowell).

2017 Sundace Film Festival