Ryan Majoris

Ryan’s relationship with music began in 1999 as a boy. It was just a regular Fall day in New Jersey but Ryan had no idea how much that one day would impact the rest of his life. That was the day his good buddy had come over and, unbeknownst to Ryan, had brought his electric guitar and amplifier. They hooked it up in a frenzy and his buddy proceeded to show Ryan some old school chops by rocking out to the main riff of Weezer’s “Hash Pipe”. Consider his mind officially blown. Ryan had heard that exact sound made so many times on TV(TRL of course) but now it was different. It was being made right in front of him. It was a total transformation of how music worked in his mind and he’s been hooked ever since.

Over the next 17 years, Ryan has dedicated his life to music and has done everything to become more familiar with this incredible art form. From taking private lessons, AP classes, and jamming with friends in High School, attending Berklee College of Music and expanding his knowledge of music more than he ever thought possible, touring the nation with several bands and teaching lessons, and now living in NYC as a composer, it truly has been an exciting journey so far and there is much to look forward to in the future.

Ryan sometimes likes to think of music in two forms: a light and a dark. The darker is what works for film a lot of the time. Film is real. Film is ethereal, impactful, funny, sad, and emotional all at the same time and music truly enhances the journey a film takes you on. There is something magical that happens when a piece of music perfectly exemplifies what the visual is trying to convey. It is the ultimate collaboration. The music he writes for film tends to be dark, gritty, raw, intense, and electronically influenced with the occasional quirky off the wall comedy thrown in.

He also have a lighter side. He fully respects well-crafted pop music by guys like Max Martin and Dr. Luke. The love of catchy hooks and fun melodies extend beyond merely a listening pleasure as he has delved further into the world of music for commercials/ licensing where it is imperative to get the message across in a very short time.

At the end of the day, Ryan considers himself to be somewhat of a Jack of all trades. He loves songwriting since that is how he gained his entrance into music and can always appreciate a great vocal, he loves film music because of the enormous depth to it as well as the long form compositional aspect, and he also loves commercials since it gives him an opportunity to be hyper focused and create a short but memorable piece with sniper like accuracy that anyone can move their head to. Some may see spreading themselves like this as weakness, but he sees it as his greatest strength.

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