Jimmie Williams

Jimmie Williams is a media composer with a strong, varied music background. He honed his craft early studying a wide range of artists and composers...from the brilliance of Prince to the complexity and cool of Bill Evans, Jimmie took to learning instruments and composition as a way to express himself. However, it was his study of scores from his classical heroes Beethoven, Brahms, Shostakovich, to name a few, who propelled his vision on how to compose for an orchestra. He graduated from Columbia University studying music composition and is an accomplished multiinstrumentalist. Currently, Jimmie is composing and orchestrating music for two highly anticipated video games, as well as, an independent film, and heading the role as music director for a contemporary dance performance. In addition, he was chosen to compose official demos for the highly acclaimed Chamber String Orchestra sample library from Light and Sound Samples.

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2017 Film Scoring Workshop