Daniel Nissenbaum

Daniel Nissenbaum is an acclaimed trumpet player and composer from Philadelphia, PA. He has performed with such luminaries as Donald Byrd, Marcus Miller, Darlene Love and Stevie Van Zandt. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he has toured throughout The United States, Europe and Scandinavia performing Pop music, Blues and original jazz music. As a composer, he has been employed by Chicken and Egg, a documentary production company based in NYC. He has also worked as a music supervisor and composer for numerous other projects under the auspices of Judith Helfand, an award-winning documentary film director and producer, and Adam Zucker, a widely known documentary film editor. These days, he can be found at Renegade Studios in NYC recording with Stevie Van Zandt or performing at numerous venues up and down the East Coast. His first jazz album “Duende” is due to be out in early March 2017.

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