ASCAP Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop

Supported by The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund
Sponsored by Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund, AFM Local 802, AFM-SAG/AFTRA Fund and MSR Studios

Directed by Alex Steyermark (Columbia faculty; director, One Last Thing, Prey For Rock & Roll; music supervisor for directors Ang Lee, Spike Lee, etc.), this workshop takes place during the spring semester at Columbia University, New York City, culminating at the annual Columbia Film School Film Festival.

Columbia University Film School opens the workshop to 65 graduate film school students who have the opportunity to submit their films. Four films plus the trailer for Columbia University's Film Festival, approximately 10-20 minutes in length, will be selected. ASCAP will curate a list of East Coast based film composers who will submit to be hired by the five filmmakers.

Steyermark will walk the filmmaker through the process of looking at the film with music in mind, determining how they envision the music in their film, and making an appropriate selection of film composer. He will then guide the filmmaker-composer pair through the process of spotting the film, mocking-up the score, and the director-composer collaboration. He will prepare the directors and composers for a studio recording & mixing session with 11 players.

Each of these four films plus trailer will be submitted to the annual Columbia University Film School Film Festival, for screenings in NYC and LA.

This event is Carbon Neutral. By purchasing carbon offsets through Native Energy - to offset the carbon emissions this event will create from venue energy use and transportation - we are helping to build truly new renewable energy projects that will displace energy that otherwise has to come from burning fossil fuels.

CUFF 2016 Official Trailer from CUFF: Columbia University FF on Vimeo.