The ASCAP Lab Innovation Speaker Series Presents: Hod Lipson

A free virtual seminar

Thursday, October 15, 2020, 12pm ET

FREE // To be held virtually on WebEx // Click here to register

Can We Learn to Stop Worrying and Love AI?

We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence (AI), but do we really understand how — and when — it is going to affect our world? Hod Lipson, AI expert and Professor of Engineering and Data Science at Columbia University, will explain why, with a combination of increased investment, computing speed and more, we will soon enter an era of AI “chaos and amazement.” Over the last decade, as businesses have begun using AI for marketing, smart speakers and self-driving cars, data and machine learning have enabled dramatic advances in the technology’s capability for perception and object recognition. The horizon now sees AI in gaming, deep learning for research and laboratories, music and other undreamt-of uses. Lipson will help us understand how AI-related technology is undergoing its own process of evolution and, in our exclusive discussion, will explain why we should welcome, not fear, the changes it will bring to music creation.

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