LP Creative Therapy Workshop for Songwriters

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Five Weekly Zoom Meetings (1.5 hours each), Beginning April 12, 2021 - 3pm Central Time

 leann phelan

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LeAnn Phelan has over 25 years of experience helping Songwriters, Artists & Producers advance their careers.

Guys, here's the quick run down: LeAnn came in to the music business as a pop touring background vocalist, crossed over to the business side and became a Publisher, A&R for Sony Records, Preliminary Judge for American Idol, Songwriter-Producer-Artist manager and Co-head of ASCAP Nashville Creative.

LeAnn has signed talent for 25 years and helped hundreds either get deals or get to the next level. She created the ASCAP GPS Project (still running today!) to develop talent and helped many songwriters/artists ink publishing deals. She also created a female mentor group in which four ladies were signed to major label deals. LeAnn managed one of the first track producer/songwriters in Nashville and helped build a strong team around him which led to eight #1s in his first pub deal and an ASCAP Song of the Year.

In This Workshop You'll Get:
-Access to a Private Facebook Page

-Guidance from LeAnn on what publishers are looking for

-Education from top industry leaders 

-The Latest DIY Best Practices

-New co-writing community connections

-Songwriter hot seats

Get a taste of the workshop: Join LeAnn for FREE on FB LIVE @LPCreativeTherapy April 8, 9, 10 5pm CT and follow her on instagram @LeAnnPhelan_MLP for all the latest news and creative inspiration! 

*Replays available for missed classes.

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