SongWriterCamps - Discount for ASCAP members!

Where hit songwriters and industry professionals mentor aspiring artists and writers

Monday, May 13, 2019 - Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ace Hotel
701 E. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA

Pam Sheyne, Richard Harris
Pam Sheyne (l) and Richard Harris

ASCAP songwriter/mentor Pam Sheyne and longtime collaborator, Richard Harris, have joined forces in a new venture, SongWriterCamps.

SongWriter Camps is a place to take your song writing skills to the next level. It's a fun, nurturing and inspirational camp to escape to with a group of like-minded, creative people. You will hang out with hit songwriters, learn more about the craft of writing songs in our masterclasses, collaborate in songwriting groups, perform your work, make friends and write better songs than you’ve ever written before.  

SWC's mentors are a team of active hit songwriters and industry professionals who will share their experience and knowledge first hand. The goal is to help you navigate your way through the creative process and the business side of songwriting so you can get your songs out to the right people. 

SWC is now accepting applications and places are limited so apply by January 31, 2019 for the early bird rate! Additionally, as an ASCAP member you will receive $50 off the camp fee. Use code ASCAP50$OFF when filling in application.

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