Apply to the VocalizeU Fall Writer Retreat with Kari Kimmel

Sponsored by ASCAP

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ojai, CA

Vocalize U is teaming up with ASCAP for an exclusive writer retreat with award-winning ASCAP songwriter Kari Kimmel, September 18-22.  

This retreat is specifically for writing songs for TV and movies. Only 17 writers will be accepted.  The deadline to submit is August 10.

The regular cost is $5,000 - ASCAP members who are selected to participate will receive a 10% discount!

What you get with your tuition:

  • An exclusive songwriting experience with one-one-one sessions with a successful songwriter
  • Housing at the legendary 5-star Ojai Valley Inn
  • An in-house chef and food
  • Daily songwriting held at exclusive writer retreat center
  • All attendees are guaranteed to be included in a real submission by Kari for a film, TV, or trailer after the retreat

Apply here after you read the brief below:  

Kari Kimmel

Hi, I’m Kari Kimmel and I’ll be leading an intensive writers retreat this fall. A little bit about me… I love music.  I love writing, recording, singing, and producing. I’ve been able take my passion for music, and find an outlet for it through sync placements in film and TV.  To date, my songs have been featured in over 650 films, TV shows, video games, trailers and commercials. Films such as World War Z, Southpaw and The Duff. TV shows such as The Office, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and Grimm. Promos and trailers for The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, and Fortitude. Commercials for Google and Nissan, and video games like The Sims. The theme I’m most known for is probably The Fosters which I wrote, sang and co-produced.

I want to share what I’ve learned over the years with you and help guide you in both the creative as well as business aspects of this industry. It is incredibly competitive, and also one of the best ways to promote as well as make money with your music.

To find out more about Kari, listen to her interview on SingTalk Radio:

I will be giving you a songwriting brief (see below), much like I am given on a daily basis. To submit for this workshop, you must write a verse and chorus and produce it to the best of your ability. You can opt to have help with the production if you choose, but the melody and lyrics must be written solely by you. You will list out everything you personally did on this recording - e.g. played guitar, mixed, programmed drums, sung, etc. or… only wrote top line (lyrics and melody). With input from the Vocalize U team, we will then choose 17 people to be a part of this workshop.

Apply here using the brief below:

Those accepted into the program should get ready for 4 days of intense writing, creating, learning, and of course, fun!  There will be one songwriting brief given each day. The way each assignment is given will be different from one day to the next - just as they are in real life. One brief may have a lyrical concept while another may just have a scene description. One brief may have actual song references to guide genre and production, while another brief may only use words to explain the musical direction. We will randomly pair you up and you will write and produce a song based on the brief given that day. I will be there to help you throughout the process, giving you advice and as much guidance as possible. Please bring your own laptop as well as any other small musical instruments you may play (keyboard, guitar, etc). Looking forward to hearing your submissions and meeting you in person this fall!


NEED: Creepy/Mysterious Original Song for Promo

- Makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up
- Plays up the mystery factor in lyrics, production and melody
- Spooky and evokes a sense of dread

TONAL EXAMPLES:  "Our Lips are Sealed" -


  • Secrets
  • Mystery
  • Doubt
  • Questions
  • Lies
  • Deceit
  • Are you sure?
  • Hidden
  • Hiding
  • Lost
  • Answers
  • Power
  • Coming back
  • Staying strong
  • Not backing down

Please use this form to submit your completed song: (Remember - Kari only needs a verse and a chorus for this!)