Apply to the 2020 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in LA

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

ASCAP offers a one-of-a-kind experience for aspiring film and television composers. 12 selected participants will have an opportunity to record their original composition with an "A list" of Hollywood professionals, including a 64-piece orchestra of LA's finest on a major studio film scoring stage, a legendary scoring mixer, professional music editors, copyists and composers acting as coaches and mentors. In addition, there are-one-of-a-kind sessions with studio executives, agents, attorneys and music supervisors. 

Take a look at coverage of our 2019 workshop for a sense of what to expect.

This workshop is intended for composers who are seriously pursuing music for film, TV, video games and other visual media as a career. It is not for hobbyists, nor is it for professionals who already have active composing careers.

Location: Los Angeles

Dates: Four weeks, beginning in July 2020. Exact dates TBA.

Submission deadline: April 1, 2020

Each applicant must submit the following items via a Dropbox shared folder. If you do not have a Dropbox account, please create one at

Required materials include: 

  1. Background Information Document (format: Word Doc or PDF) - information must include the following:
    • First Name / Last Name
    • Address / State / Country
    • Email address
    • URL of your personal website (if applicable)
    • List of film scoring programs/workshops you have previously attended (please include dates of attendance)
    • Sequencing software utilized (e.g. Logic / ProTools Digital Performer / Cubase)
    • Primary instrument
    • Performing Rights Organization you are currently affiliated with (Note: MEMBERS OF ALL SOCIETIES ARE WELCOME TO APPLY!)

  2. Brief Personal Biography (format: Word Doc or PDF)

  3. The Music Submission (format: MP3)
    • The music you submit should demonstrate your ability to write for orchestra with a dramatic sensitivity to picture. The purpose of these requirements is not to limit your creativity but to provide you with a real-world scenario similar to that in which you might find yourself when pitching for a particular project.
    • Submissions must be in MP3 format and may include up to five tracks:
      • Three mandatory GENRE tracks, for instance: romantic comedy, action/adventure, suspense/thriller, epic, main title sequence, etc.
        • Genre tracks must be no longer than 90 seconds each.
        • Please use a descriptive title on your files to indicate the genre you are trying to target.
        • We would like to hear variety in your submissions, so please include a mix of genres.
      • Two optional WILDCARD tracks of your choosing
        • "Wildcard" tracks can be up to three minutes in length.
        • These submissions allow room for you to submit music that may not fit into the other genre categories or that otherwise round out your submission.
Participants may not use "ghost" writers or orchestrators. We will NOT review any videos or other audio/visual material. On occasion, further materials, such as a score, may be requested. 

Share ONE Dropbox folder, containing all the necessary submissions materials (Background Information Document, Brief Personal Bio and Music Submission) with the email address