Intrinsic Strings on the Culver Stairs

A transformative, site-specific immersive concert featuring ASCAP composers Jeff Rona, Drum & Lace and Ben Coria

Saturday, August 24, 2019, 5pm

The Culver Stairs
6300 Hetzler Road
Culver City, CA

FREE and open to the public // Click here to register


‘Intrinsic Strings’ - A transformative, site-specific immersive concert experience will take place throughout the Culver Stairs and the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook on August 24th, 2019 between 5-8pm. This free concert event will integrate live orchestral musicians with virtual reality in an exploration of what unites us, empowers us, and creates joy in our lives. Attendees will traverse one of the three paths to the top of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, while the intrinsic sounds of chamber musicare performed alongside the chatter of nature and buzz of the city.

Featuring music by LA-based contemporary ASCAP film and video game composers Jeff Rona, Drum & Lace and Ben Coria, along with Penka Kouneva, Emer Kinsella and Allyson Newman, performers will share their collective insight into how music can act as a vehicle to unite people and create community in large metropolitan areas.

Created by Emer Kinsella of Emersion Music, Intrinsic Strings aims to bring awareness to internalized fear and isolation by encouraging Angelenos to find support and solidarity with other members in the community by embracing and conquering the climb together. The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook has three ways to reach the top: a 0.7 mile, 282 step staircase; a 1.25 mile switchback trail; or a short drive along the overlook's perimeter. Ensembles comprised of string players and select unique instruments will be spread throughout the space creating a "musical trail" to the top. Vresh, a 360 social media company, will integrate 360 degree visuals containing story concepts of individuals in Los Angeles overcoming daily obstacles, creating a "trail of stories".

The concert will provide a space to reconnect, rediscover, and become immersed in nature, lucidity, and new perspectives. With urban development always increasing in Los Angeles, particularly the Culver City area, the human spirit yearns for experiences that deepen our understanding of nature, community, and an ever changing cultural landscape. Music is the translucent thread that acknowledges and connects all these aspects.

Come to feel. Come to listen. Come to expand horizons.