Virtual Sync Camp - Producer Spots Still Available!

ASCAP members get $50 discount

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 - Friday, June 4, 2021

The SongWriterCamps team is looking for a few producers to round out their Virtual Sync Camp in June. Artist and songwriter spots are full.


PRICE: $599* // $50 discount with code ASCAP50$OFF - please include your IPI# in the application to be eligible.




*Price also includes:

-FRIENDS OF THE GUILD 1 year subscription to the Guild of Music Supervisors for first time attendees and non-GMS members - A $100 value

-SONA - One year silver membership subscription for first time attendees.

-DISCO - Free month trial and a discount off the annual subscription.

-MASTERWRITER - Free month trial and discount off the annual subscription.


WHERE: Your place, online via Zoom.


WHY: This is an exciting opportunity to learn how to write and produce music to brief for sync, with the goal of your songs being pitched and placed in current TV shows, movies, advertising, and trailers. Attendees will be establishing new relationships with music supervisors, who are actively looking for songs to place within their projects. As a result of this program, our participants have expanded their sync catalogues and broadened their network of collaborators and music supervisors. 


PROGRAM: Each day begins with a masterclass conducted by SWC faculty along with two visiting music supervisors (2 supervisors per day, 6 supervisors over the 3 day camp).  During these sessions, participants will learn current trends in sync placement, the range of musical styles that are in demand, and how to appropriately communicate and follow-up with supervisors. 


Participants will be involved in the writing of a total of 3 fully produced songs during the course of this program. 


The Playback Party is an opportunity for all of the groups to play their completed songs for the SWC faculty, Music Supervisors and Publishing representatives. 



  • Learn the skills and knowledge required to build a successful sync career, to include the unique elements for each sync segment (TV, film, advertising, trailers/promos). 
  • How to approach a brief. 
  • Expand your network of collaborators.
  • Build new relationships with music supervisors.
  • Receive guided mentoring on camp songs from SWC faculty during and following camp.  
  • Participants retain ownership of their copyrights and masters.
  • Songs written and produced at the camp will be administered by PEN Music Group to enable one stop clearance and to maximize future sync opportunities and royalties worldwide.



  • Intermediate to advanced level of songwriting, to include co-writing experience. Producers and Artists must have the ability to record and produce a professional recording.
  • Examples of your work will be required as part of the admission process. We encourage you to provide songs across a variety of musical genres, as you will be writing to a wide range of sync briefs. 
  • The majority of briefs fall within the broad genre of pop.


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