SongWriterCamps 3 Day Online Sync Camp

Use code ASCAP50$OFF for a $50 discount

September 1-3, 10am – 6:30pm PT // September 10, 4-6pm PT


3 DAY ONLINE SYNC CAMP running September 1 - 3. This is a unique, online and interactive experience for unsigned artists, songwriters and music producers to collaborate and to write specifically to an active brief each day, for the opportunity to place songs in film, tv, advertising and trailers.

In association with The Music Supervisors Guild, PEN Music Group and DISCO, we will be selecting 18 music creators according to their experience and skillset. To find out more information and apply, please visit:


WHEN: September 1-3, 10am – 6.30pm PT // September 10, 4-6pm.  (Additional online performance for the songs written at the camp with all music supervisors in attendance)


WHERE: Your place, online via Zoom!


WHY: This is an exciting opportunity to place your songs in current TV shows, movies, advertising and trailers. We are all experiencing the repercussions of COVID-19 and concerned about our health, traveling and meeting in person. This is an opportunity for music supervisors to find new music and songwriters, artists and producers to build new business relationships, whilst extending their network of collaborators. It allows everyone peace of mind to work in their own environment and continue to earn a living from music whilst staying safe and healthy at home. 


REQUIREMENTS: Intermediate to advanced. Must have experience in collaborating with others and the added ability to deliver a professional recording. As you will be working remotely, you will demo your songs remotely. 


PUBLISHING: Songs written and produced at the camp will be administered by PEN Music Group to enable one stop clearance and to maximize future sync opportunities and royalties worldwide. 


PRICE: $599 [use code ASCAP50$OFF at registration for a $50 discount]. Includes: "FRIENDS OF THE GUILD" 1 year subscription to the GUILD OF MUSIC SUPERVISORS. * DISCO - Free month trial and discounted annual subscription. * MASTERWRITER - free month trial and discounted annual subscription. 


APPLY TO: Please fill out your sync camp application form and submit to If you are accepted you will be notified by email and once you have returned your acceptance forms you will be invoiced.


A percentage of proceeds from this camp will be donated to: NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Black Lives Matter.