DEADLINE: Songwriting MasterClass with Louise Goffin - ASCAP Discount

5 sessions total, meeting weekly on Thursdays at 7pm ET

Thursday, August 27, 2020

WHEN: Five consecutive Thursdays (Aug 27 and Sep 3, 10, 17 & 24) at 7pm ET (4pm PT).

WHERE: Zoom! (where else?)

Sign up here. Use code MasterClass15 for an exclusive ASCAP discount ($255, or 15% off the normal price)

Fresh off the release of her new recording,Two Different Movies, Louise Goffin, a generational songwriter with accolades and a pedigree anyone could envy, is hungry to get back to her other passion: teaching the art, craft and methods of good songwriting.

There was no better place to learn songwriting’s mysteries and methods than at the knees of her parents: Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Louise has the performance, songwriter and recording accolades to prove that she learned well. 

Louise’s sense of how to find the center of a song is something she has been teaching for years to grateful classes. Now you can join her for a five-week, intensive virtual songwriting workshop series. A small group of students will be part of a personal look at your songwriting and how to improve it.

Louise will tailor this seminar to the small class we assemble. Each session will run 90 minutes.

Together the class will explore topics like:

  • All the things you need to be brilliant, you already have!
  • Songwriting time-wasters & confidence killers

As well as how to:

  1. Access good and rich topics to write about
  2. Realize you don't need to know how to play an instrument
  3. Reframe what you think are liabilities into assets
  4. Expand your toolbox, write more, have more choices of what to take out
  5. Change your beliefs about what is realistic and possible
  6. Get out of self-judgment when you could be creating your best work
  7. Access new sources of inspiration
  8. Be your own master of knowing what's best for the song

Sign up here and don't forget to use code MasterClass15 for your ASCAP discount.