Durango Songwriters Expo: Virtual Song Submission

ASCAP members get a 10% discount on each submission

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Durango Songwriters EXPO has launched a new virtual song submission opportunity. 

Submit a song in one of the following three categories (you may submit to multiple categories): 

1) Pop/Rock/EDM/Hip-Hop
2) Country/Folk/Americana
3) Film/TV/Sync

The submission deadline is September 15 and categories will be limited to 200 submissions each.

Durango will select the top five songs from both the Pop and Country category to share directly with A&R teams from the industry’s top music publishers and record labels. The ultimate winner will receive free registration to an upcoming Durango Songwriters Expo, including a live showcase at the event.

The winner selected from the Film/TV category will receive free registration to the next Durango Film/TV Expo, also including a live showcase.

The fee is normally $45 per submission - use code ASCAP10 for a 10% discount.

Submit here and don't forget your ASCAP discount code!