Darrell Scott Writer Workshop

Monday, May 26, 2014 - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scarritt Bennett Center
1008 19th Ave. Sout
Nashville, TN

SongFood is pleased to announce a Songwriting intensive, led by Darrell Scott.

This workshop is a session of deep creative work, community building and focus on the creative process via songs. By presenting Darrell's own songs in class, and discussing how they came about, and by students presenting their songs or songs-in-progress in class, students will work on the nuts and bolts of the songwriting process as well as discussing the spiritual concepts that fire the creativity behind the songs. The focus will be on digging down deep into ourselves, our own stories and observations, to come up with universal experiences and then, how to tell these truths in song. When we get more revealing, vulnerable and open in our songs, the more available the songs are to reach another.

Price includes breakfast every morning (Monday-Friday) the four day workshop (Monday-Thursday) and a one-on-one session with Darrell.

Register here or contact Stephanie@DarrellScott.com.