TV Licensing

ASCAP offers a variety of licenses for local broadcast television stations, broadcast networks, cable networks and multichannel video program distributors ("MVPD's").

Please see each type with details below and then contact us to obtain the appropriate license.

Local Broadcast Television Stations

FCC-licensed full-power, local commercial stations can choose from three different form licenses the terms of which were established pursuant to our agreement with the Television Music License Committee (TMLC) - the Blanket License, Per Program License and Alternative Local Station Blanket License.

FCC-licensed Low Power, Class A and Translator stations are licensed under our Low Power Agreement which is currently being updated.

For more information and to obtain an applicable form license, please contact us at

Multichannel Video Program Distributors

The license terms for traditional cable television system operators are established by ASCAP and the NCTA-The Internet and Television Association. ASCAP negotiates with satellite and telco program distributors individually to agree on the specific terms and conditions of their license agreements.

For more information on these licenses, please contact us at

Broadcast and Cable Networks

Each network (or family of networks) negotiates directly with ASCAP to reach agreement on the terms and conditions of their license agreement.

For more information on Cable licenses, please contact us at

Contact us to purchase your license

Call us at 1-800-99-ASCAP (7227) or email us at

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