OnStage: How Venues Help Songwriters Cash In

OnStage 101 for Licensees

You probably already know that the license fees you pay to ASCAP are distributed directly to ASCAP's songwriter and composer members. But do you know how the ASCAP members who perform at your licensed venue can actually share in the license fees you pay? It's all done through a program called ASCAP OnStage, and though it's a tool for our members, OnStage wouldn't exist without you, our licensees. In 2018 alone, over 10,000 ASCAP members and affiliates were paid through ASCAP OnStage for more than 45,000 live events!

Here's how it works:
When ASCAP members play a live show at your bar, restaurant, hotel or other venue, they log into their ASCAP account and register the performances through the ASCAP OnStage platform. They fill in basic details about the performance, like the venue name, the date and the music they played; and then they get paid for the performances as part of their normal ASCAP distribution.

How our licensees impact OnStage:
The OnStage royalties that our members receive for performing at your venue are directly based on the license fee you pay to ASCAP. Which means you can pat yourself on the back! You're helping ASCAP writers and artists - the same folks who bring customers to your business - make a living from their creative work.

Without you, ASCAP couldn't provide services like OnStage for our members.

Learn more about how OnStage works here.