Follow the Dollar

Where ASCAP Music Licensing Fees Go

Follow the Dollar graphic

At ASCAP, we believe our licensees deserve to know where their money goes and our members deserve to know where their royalties are coming from.
That's why these two principles are central to ASCAP's distribution system:

#1: Every penny we receive in license fees goes right back to our members after paying our expenses.
Our operating expenses are just 12% of our revenue - making ASCAP one of the most cost-efficient performance rights organization in the world!

#2: Our royalty distribution process is built on a "follow-the-dollar" principle.
License fees collected from one medium are usually paid to the ASCAP creators of music performed on that medium. For example, license fees from broadcast radio stations go to our members whose music is performed on those radio stations.

As we work to keep our costs as low as possible, it isn't always practical to track or survey all performances of ASCAP music. In those cases, we use samples of performances or we use performances in another medium as a proxy to distribute your license fees.

Either way though, all of the money you pay ASCAP, less only ASCAP's costs, goes right back to the music creators who help your business thrive.