An Upgrade is Coming from ASCAP!

An ASCAP Licensing Customer Update

ASCAP is excited to announce that our new and improved licensing system will launch late November 2020, starting with our television licensing customers!

This page will serve as a resource for our licensee customers, explaining the changes coming with the new system. We will update this page regularly with new information, so please bookmark it and check back frequently.

The first major change with the launch of the system is that our television customers will receive a new ASCAP License Account Number (actually three different numbers, all of which are explained below).

Each television station will have the following new numbers assigned to them:

Group Number: This is a brand new feature of the system that will allow both station owners and ASCAP to manage accounts at the highest level. The number will be assigned to the corporate entity that enters into an ASCAP license covering one or more individual television stations.

Customer Number: This is the number that television customers are used to. It corresponds to individual stations and is tied to the station’s FCC ID. 

Policy Number: This is another new feature of the system. Every station will now be assigned a policy number for each specific, individual agreement, by term or period covered by such agreement, that the station has with ASCAP. Because we are migrating to the new system information for periods prior to the commencement of the most recent ASCAP-TVMLC agreement, , a station may have more than one policy number at launch. Referencing your policy number is the easiest and most efficient way to get information on the exact station, license and period you are enquiring about or submitting payment for.

Please consult the chart below for a visualization of how these new account numbers work:

ASCAP Licensing System Update Account Number Matrix

As the system launch nears, continue to check this page for additional information about system updates and what they will mean for you and your station(s). 

Thank you for being an ASCAP licensee!


Licensing System Upgrade FAQs

  • Licensing System Upgrade FAQs
When will the system upgrade happen?
ASCAP's licensing system upgrade will happen in phases, with the initial phase slated to take place in November 2020. This initial phase will impact our TV customers. While an exact launch date is not available to share at this time, you will receive billing inserts and various notices prior to its launch so you will be aware of all upcoming upgrades and changes.
What does this change mean for my station or group?
Your station(s) or group(s) will see changes and improvements to your licensing experience over time. Initially, you will experience minor changes, such as a new account number and new invoices. However, in later phases, we hope to offer you more enhancements to your experience, such as online bill pay and reporting, as well as a way to communicate directly with the ASCAP Licensing team. Again, all upgrades will be announced prior to their rollout so you will understand exactly how your account will be impacted by each launch.
When and how will I get my new account number?
As we get closer to the system upgrade launch date, we will specify a time and date that you will be informed of your new account number. We recommend that you continue to review all inserts included in your billing statements, as this will be the main form of account change communication with you.
When will we see the portal?
Right now, the licensing portal is on track to be ready early next year. As with all technology upgrades, this timeline may change. However, you receive multiple communications prior to the portal's launch. We encourage to pay close attention to the billing inserts you receive with your bills, as this will be our main form of communication for upcoming changes. 

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