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The ASCAP Plus Awards program rewards writers of symphonic & concert music, jazz and musical theatre with a value beyond the scope of performance surveys.

The 2017 Plus Awards application is not yet available.

Awards Guidelines


Starting in 2016, ASCAP Plus Awards are available to writers of symphonic & concert music, jazz and musical theatre who received less than $25,000 in domestic performance royalties in the previous calendar year.

Do you write a genre of music other than those listed above? Send us your setlists through our ASCAP OnStage program, to receive royalties for your performances in ASCAP-licensed venues in the US.

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Each eligible writer must submit an online Plus Awards application via Member Access. The application should reference achievements of the previous calendar year.

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ASCAP Plus Awards are determined annually by a panel of distinguished music experts who are neither members, nor employees of ASCAP. The panel is completely independent in its Plus Awards decisions.

The Plus Awards are not a competition. The panel bases its decisions solely on the merit of the information provided on the application, in the context of all others applying.


  • Symphonic & Concert Music (including classical, symphonic, chamber, choral, electroacoustic, opera, liturgical and educational music) To report live performances of symphonic & concert music, use our online Performance Notification form. Performances submitted using the Performance Notification form will be uploaded to your Plus Awards application following the deadline. It is not necessary to duplicate this information on the Awards form.*

  • Jazz (including works composed for individuals, small or large jazz ensembles)

  • Musical Theatre (including cabaret and other types of music paired with a dramatic narrative and intended for stage)

How to Apply for an ASCAP Plus Award

Get started by logging into your Member Access account. Before you apply, gather a list of all recordings, public performances or other uses of your music in the previous calendar year. You will need to include the name, date and label for each release/recording.


  1. REGISTER YOUR MUSIC All of your music should appear in the My Catalog tab before you apply for a Plus Award. If any of it is missing, click "Register a Work" and submit a new registration.
  2. ACTIVATE DIRECT DEPOSIT You’re required to choose Direct Deposit as your payment preference before we can accept your Plus Awards application. In the My Royalties tab, select "Manage Statement & Payment Preferences" and click "ADD NEW DIRECT DEPOSIT ACCOUNT." If you already use Direct Deposit, you’re all set.
  3. APPLY Complete the ASCAP Plus Awards application in Member Access. Report only activity which took place in the past year. Do not include information that was submitted in previous Plus Awards applications.

What Happens Next

You will be notified of the Plus Awards panel’s decision by November.
All awards are paid in the following January writer distribution.


*Please note: any information you submit for Plus Awards consideration is used solely in that context. It is not a substitute for registering your works with ASCAP, or advising us of performances that would otherwise be credited through our normal distribution surveys. Make sure to register your works via Member Access, and let us know of your live performances at ASCAP-licensed venues through our online Performance Notification form (for Concert Music composers) and ASCAP OnStage (for other genres).