ASCAP Information and Publications

ASCAP publishes many brochures and pamphlets on a wide variety of subjects-- those listed below are the more substantial publications. Some of the information listed below is also on the ASCAP web site, and is linked correspondingly. For print copies and more information, contact the ASCAP Marketing Department at or write to One Lincoln Plaza, 6th floor, New York, NY 10023. For Licensing materials, please contact:

ASCAP Licensing Office
PO Box 331608-7515
Nashville, TN 37203-9998
(800) 505-4052


The Second Amended Final Judgement is an agreement between ASCAP and the United States Justice Department that governs ASCAP operations and licensing procedures.

info Click here to download the AFJ2.(PDF)

Donny The Downloader

A powerful new program designed to educate American middle school students about music piracy and the real costs of downloading music illegally.

Distribution Resource Documents

In 1950, ASCAP and the federal government entered into a voluntary agreement, commonly referred to as the "consent decree," which governs many aspects of ASCAP’s operations, including licensing and membership matters. Most of these rules pertain to the methods of distribution and the weighting formula used to determine the relative value of different types of performances.

ASCAP Advantage

A comprehensive overview of what ASCAP does. Covers subjects of joining ASCAP, the payment system, licensing, collecting foreign royalties, services & benefits, workshops/showcases/awards, and the board of directors.

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The ASCAP Foundation: Programs

The ASCAP Foundation conceives, promotes and supports charitable and educational programs in the field of music and fosters public access to music and music education. The Foundation's scholarships, awards and programs are described in this brochure.

ASCAP Payment System

Want to know how you get paid? This brochure explains the processes behind ASCAP’s royalty collections, the weighting formula and distributions.

Getting The Best Out of Your Recording Session

This brochure is a result of the partnership between The ASCAP Foundation and Westrax Recording Studios Ltd. in NYC. It offers tips on how to maximize your time in the studio, including advice on vocal techniques, recording/mixing techniques and advice on multi-tracking and sound "painting."

info Click here to download our brochure on how to get the most from your recording section.(PDF)

Music Copyright in The Digital Age - A Position Paper

To address the growing confusion and concern around music copyright, ASCAP published this groundbreaking position paper to demystify the basic rights of all music creators. Critical topics addressed in the position paper include the definition of copyright, the meaning of "performing rights," the role of the PRO, the relevance of copyright in the digital age, questioning the notion of the "Creative Commons" and promoting your work online, among many others. The position paper also includes ASCAP's "Bill of Rights for Songwriters and Composers," which serves as an advocacy and awareness-building initiative and urges all those associated with the music industry to remember and defend the rights of music creators. The "Bill of Rights" centers around 10 core principles that clarify the entitlements that every music creator enjoys.

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Music and Money

Jeffrey and Todd Brabec, ASCAP, 1996.
A brief but thorough pamphlet addressing "Where the bucks come from for writers and publishers," written by ASCAP Executive Vice President/Director of Membership Todd Brabec and Chrysalis Music Senior Vice President of Business Affairs Jeff Brabec. An excellent starting point for anyone seeking to learn more about the many sources of income for songwriters and publishers.

info Click here to download a brochure on Music and Money. (PDF)

Music, Money, Success and The Movies

Another Jeffrey and Todd Brabec pamphlet that focuses on the use of music in film and how musicians can profit from this lucrative medium.

infoClick here to download a brochure on Music, Money, Success and the Movies. (PDF)


Playback, ASCAP's member magazine, is published quarterly. The magazine features important legislative information and various features, including informative articles about the music business and the accomplishments of prominent ASCAP members. It also highlights ASCAP's many events and award shows. Members may report premieres, commissions, and performances to be listed in the "Steppin' Out" column.