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How can a PRO outside the US contact ASCAP?

Foreign PROs can reach us through our Web Inquiry Tool (WIT): Choose the option “I am a PRO” and fill in your Society Code.

Does ASCAP use different formulas or distribution rules when paying foreign affiliates as opposed to direct ASCAP members?

No. We employ the same survey and distribution policies for international affiliates as we do our own members. Read more about our payment system here. For more specifics about our weighting formulas, read “ASCAP’s Survey and Distribution System: Rules & Policies” document, available here.

Some of our affiliates currently license their music through one of your competitors for US performances. How can they switch to ASCAP for the US?

Typically the affiliate’s local PRO will submit a written request to ASCAP. Alternately, if the affiliate is published/sub-published in the US by a company with an ASCAP membership, the publisher can contact us to make the switch.

The rules governing foreign-originated works are set forth in section 2.10 of the Compendium of ASCAP Rules and Regulations, available here.

Does ASCAP permit “split” memberships with members of international PROs?
ASCAP does permit "split" memberships, subject to the approval of the affiliate’s local PRO.

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