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Spring 2012 Cover

ASCAP's LA Office Hosts R&S Roundtable Luncheon

The R&S department hosted its quarterly Writer and Producer Luncheon to facilitate connections between ASCAP writers at varying career stages. Check out our photos of Da Internz, The Monsters, Tiron and more as they network with fellow writers and the ASCAP staff.

ASCAP Expands and Updates Its Benefits Program

As a member of ASCAP, you are invited to enjoy all of the benefits of ASCAP membership. This includes a package of benefits designed exclusively to make your life as a working music professional a little easier. Check out our newest additions to our comprehensive benefits package, and consider taking advantage of these great discounts and opportunities.

ASCAP's "On the Come Up" Series - March Edition

Highlighting ASCAP's urban songwriters and composers, "On the Come Up" is designed to inspire our members to remember that success is only a song away. This month, we introduce you to producers Brian Warfield and Steven “Q-Beats” Kubie, and songwriter Ursula Yancy...

New Musicals Selected for 2012 ASCAP Foundation Musical Theatre Workshop

Four projects have been selected to participate in the annual workshop sponsored by the ASCAP Foundation. Stephen Schwartz will once again take the helm as the program's artistic director among an esteemed group of guest panelists.

ASCAP Turns Up the Musical Heat at Massive 2012 SXSW Music Fest

The 26th Annual South by Southwest Music Festival wrapped up on Saturday night, leaving in its trail four days of music business panels and five nights of showcases featuring more than 2,000 acts of all musical stripes – everything from bluegrass to electronica, hip-hop to hard rock, country to soul, folk to pop.

ASCAP Members Top GMA Dove Awards Nominees

ASCAP members once again garnered a majority of the nominations for the 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards, being held on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA.

ASCAP's Quiet on the Set at Memphis Folk Conference

ASCAP hosted its Quiet on the Set showcase at the 2012 North American Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis in February.

ASCAP Distributes $2.2 Million in ASCAP Plus Cash Awards

ASCAP has announced its distribution of approximately $2.2 million in cash awards to writer members for 2011 - 2012 through its ASCAP Plus Awards program. As the first performing rights organization in the U.S., ASCAP was also the first to create a special distribution of this kind in 1960, and today it remains the largest.

An Evening With Stephen Schwartz: A Life In Film, Television And Theatre

On February 23rd, 2012, ASCAP, the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL) and the Paley Center presented An Evening with Stephen Schwartz: A Life in Film, Television and Theater, to honor Schwartz's acclaimed music career.

ASCAP Foundation/DreamWorks Musical Theatre Workshop

ASCAP member Stephen Schwartz led a series of musical theatre workshops in Los Angeles at the DreamWorks Animation Campus throughout the month of February.

Bret McKenzie Wins Best Song Oscar for "Man or Muppet"

Bret McKenzie co-founded the Grammy-winning Flight of the Conchords, acted in two of the Lord of the Rings films and plays in a ukulele orchestra. Now he can add "Oscar winner" to his list of achievements. The APRA member nabbed the Best Song trophy for "Man or Muppet" from The Muppets.

FNAM Launches 2012 Show Search For Next Generation Of Broadway Musical Composers

Just one of the many initiatives planned for 2012, FNAM announces its First Annual National Search for the Best New Musical, making it the first competition of its kind geared toward high school and college-age composers.

ASCAP's "On the Come Up" Series - February Edition

Each month "On The Come Up" highlights ASCAP's urban songwriters and composers. In February, songwriter Eric Bellinger and producers Mercy and First Born talked with ASCAP about inspirations, aspirations, and their plans to take over the music industry.

Gordon Lightfoot (SOCAN), Don Schlitz, Bob Seger, Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones to be Inducted into SHOF

These songwriting legends will become the newest members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the organization's 43rd Annual Induction and Awards Dinner. The star-studded event is slated for Thursday, June 14th in New York City.

Happy 98th Birthday, ASCAP!

ASCAP was founded on February 13th in New York City in 1914 when over 100 visionary music leaders gathered at Manhattan's Hotel Claridge. For songwriters and composers, this monumental event would forever change music history.

Foo Fighters, Paul Epworth, Skrillex and Bon Iver Lead ASCAP Grammy Winners

Foo Fighters led all ASCAP winners at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards with five trophies. Paul Epworth won all four of the categories for which he was nominated, including the top honors of the night: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Producer of the Year.

Whitney Houston, Global Music Icon, Dies at 48

On February 11, 2012, the music industry lost one of its greatest and most powerful voices. We look back on the legacy of Whitney Houston, an ASCAP member and extraordinary force in music.

ASCAP Members Claim Four Oscar Music Nominations

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that six composers and songwriters licensed by the Society were in contention for Oscars, including a clean sweep of the Original Song category.

"On the Come Up" 2012 Freshmen Class Edition

Last year, "On the Come Up" presented its first annual Freshman Class edition, recognizing three hot songwriters/producers to watch in 2011. And this year, school is back in session! Now presenting the 2012 line-up: Jahlil Beats, Mike Will, and J Mike. Industry, take notes!

ASCAP Members Madonna, Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry Win Best Original Song Golden Globe for "Masterpiece" from W./E.

Madonna, Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry win for co-writing "Masterpiece" from W./E., the forthcoming romantic drama written, produced and directed by Madonna.


Daily Brief

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, April 27

ASCAP Announces Licensing Agreement with Rhapsody; Making A Living Is the New Success; The Making of "Bohemian Rhapsody"...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, April 26

The Internet Wants to Be Open, But Some Internets Are More Open Than Others; Basic Marketing Principles for Artists; How to Make the Most of Digital Music...and more

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Supporting Copyright Is Not the Same as Opposing Freedom of Speech; The Fundamentals of Digital Music; Turn Your CD into a Kick-Ass Marketing Tool...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, April 24

Inside the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO 2012; The 3 Types of Copyright Conversations; Content Curators are the New Superheroes of the Web...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, April 23

RSS: Google's Brin "Worried" About Open Web; What Crooks and Companies Learn When You Overshare on Facebook; Branded Artists Apps are a Potential Goldmine...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, April 16

Today's Daily Brief includes Radio's War for Attention; Sony Corp's Mission, Album Art in the Digital Age; Tumblr's Challenge...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, April 13

US Home to More Than 5 Million IP-Related Jobs; Is FM Through with New?; What to Do When You Get Evicted from Your Virtual Homestead...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, April 12

The Power of Music; Other Ways to Think About the Copyright Debate; Spotify's Play Button...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, April 11

How the App Stores Really Stack Up; Vevo Thinks Outside the YouTube Box; Why Facebook Bought Instagram...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, April 10

Rdio is Working on Pandora-like Functionality; How Women Rule the Pop Music World; 10 Tips to Getting Ahead in the New Music Industry...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, April 9

FAQs of Copyright; How Preteens Use Web Apps to Collaborate; Twitter for Musicians and Artists...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, April 6

Appeals Court Revives Viacom Suit Against Google; The Art of the Album Roll-Out; The Musical Underground in the 21st Century...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, April 5

New Copyright Center to Target Online Piracy; Is Neil Young Working on a High-Quality Digital Music Service?; 10 Music Business Fundamentals Inspired by Gandhi...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, April 4

Occupy Artist Rights: Part 2; The Viral Power of Fan Communication; ReverbNation Launches a New Look...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, April 3

Protecting Livelihood of Artists and Creators Fuels Local Economy; Top 10 Lists Lead to Less Choice on Web; New Ways to Think About Facebook Timeline for Bands...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, April 2

Occupy Artist Rights; How Digital Technology Impacts Classical Music; Sales of Vinyls Grow in 2011...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, March 30

The New Music Business Takes Shape; Spotify Extends Free Listening in U.S.; Facebook Timeline and Artist Apps...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, March 29

SiriusXM Files Lawsuit Against SoundExchange and A2IM; 10 Sales Tips for Artists; Corporate Influence Over Commercial Art...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, March 28

Reselling the Remix; 7 Questions for a Real Live Music Supervisor; Lessons Learned from Successful Kickstarter Campaigns...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, March 27

The Future of Data Driven Music Discovery; How (and Why) Musicians Are Using Twitter; 15 Reasons Why Some Indie Artists Fail And Others Succeed...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, March 26

The Return of the DJ; Propellerheard Announces Newest Software; Trent Reznor to Receive ASCAP Golden Note Award...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, March 23

Spotify Adds 13 More Apps; Mayor Warns of the Pitfalls of Social Media; 12 Strategies For Long Term Success as an Indie Artist...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, March 22

A Little Less Spin on Filesharing; Twitter Releases Official Guide for Musicians; Digital Music and the Resurgence of Vinyl...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, March 19

What Kind of Internet Freedom Do We Want?; Apple's Forgotten $8 Billion Business; The Anatomy of a Merch Table...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, March 16

ISPs to Start Policing Copyright; Cultivating Genius in the 21st Century; Paul Williams Documentary Heading for Theaters...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, March 15

Billboard Hot 100 Now Counts On-Demand Streams; ASCAP Distributes $2.2 Million in ASCAP Plus Cash Awards; The Importance of Brand For Your Band...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, March 14

The Ruthless Overlords of Silicon Valley; How the Swedes Fight Piracy; Co-Writing for Artist-Writers with Record Deals...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, March 13

Protecting Your Content on the Web; Music Service Signing Major Labels; Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2012...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, March 12

RSS: Why Apple's Impact on Media Companies Has Only Just Started; Innovate Your Way to Music Career Success; Social Networks Effect on The Internet...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, March 9

A Quick Guide to DMCA Takedown Notices; Experts Weigh In On Facebook Premium; 5 Critical Things to Add to Your Monthly Newsletter...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, March 8

ASCAP Reports Increased Revenues in 2011; How Technology Changes Our Relationships; 3 Steps For Standing Out to Music Journalists...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, March 7

The Future of Pandora; British High Court Sides with Music Industry; Auto-Tune and Digital Recording's Effect on Music...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, March 6

Today's Daily Brief includes the Merlin vs. Limewire Settlement; Top 10 Innovative Music Companies; Twitter Music Marketing; Will Technology Save Us All and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, March 5

Why Fans Are The Real Future Of The Music Business; How Piracy Is Different From Competition; In Music You're Never Not Marketing...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, March 2

The Music Streaming Debate; How the Wired World is Affecting Generation Y; How Music can Chemically Change Us...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, March 1

The Real Social Media Revolution Has Just Begun; Mobile Marketing for Independent Artists; Inside the Digitour...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, February 24

The Rise of the Adolescent CEOs; Making the Ultimate Mashups Between Big Data and Sound; An Open Letter to Venues...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, February 23

U.K. Court Shows Rogue Website the Plank; Pros and Cons of YouTube Promotion; How to Stay Creative at Any Age...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, February 22

Youth Shaping Future of Online TV, Movies, Music; Apple Helps Users Create Multimedia Projects on iPad; Ex-Major Label Exec's Take on Retailing...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, February 21

Downloads and Streaming Help Offset UK CD Sales; 42 Different Ways Artists Can Earn Money; Original Music Tries To Find Its Voice On YouTube...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, February 17

Publishers Crack Down on Pirates;The Cost of Google's DCMA Notices; Music Streaming Services Team Up with Telecoms...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, February 16

Protecting Content and Promoting Innovation in the Digital World; How Developers are Shaping the Future of Music; Bob Weir's Take on the MP3 Format...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, February 15

Grammys Oust Super Bowl as Most Social Event of 2012; Measuring the Worth of Social Media Skills; Partnerships Key to Digital Music Audience...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, February 14

Managing a Massive Music Library; Remembering Whitney Houston; 11 Top Ways to Create Compelling Music Video Content...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, February 13

Reining in the Rhetoric on Copyright Reform; Digital Music at the Grammy
Social Media Summit; Money Basics for Music Creators...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, February 8

What Wikipedia Won't Tell You; Music Industry Insiders on Lana Del Rey; Musical Blind Spots...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, February 7

Convergence is Alive and Well in 2012; Facebook Users Ask, 'Where's Our Cut?"; The Science of Email Timing...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, February 6

Music Ownership and Consumer Motivation; The Real Cost of Online Sharing; High-Resolution Audio Explained...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, February 3

More Evidence for Copyright Protection; New App Takes Cyber Jamming to a New Level; What You Need to Know About Digital Aggregator Deals...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, February 2

Matching Fans to Music Tops Music Industry Agenda; Mobile Music Ad Dollars Grow; How the 80/20 Rules applies to Social Media...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, February 1

Sony's Tim Schaff Talk Music; Facebook's IPO in Context; Lomax's Global Jukebox Goes Digital...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, January 31

The Truth Behind Copyright Bill Hysteria; Why Young Music Fans Buy Vinyl; How Pirates Destroy the Value of IP...and more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, January 30

Social Media's Role in Politics; The iCloud vs. Spotify; New App for Royalty Negotiations...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, January 27

What Ownership Means for Digital Media; Apps for Making Music Without Really Trying; Chicago Celebrates Music History in Revived Zone...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, January 26

"Without music, life would be an error." - Nietzche

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, January 25

Indie Labels and France's "Three Strikes" Policy Battle Piracy; The 5 Most Important Skills Twitter Teaches Us; This Week in Music Apps...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, January 24

How Much is Music Worth?; Digital Lockers are a Growing Piracy Concern; Optimism for Music Sales in 2012...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, January 23

New Zealand Reveals High-Octane Arrest in Internet Fraud Case; Where's the Public Outrage Over Internet Piracy?; Mind-Blowing Music with a Digital Touch...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, January 20

What if the Culture Industry Shut Down for a Day?; Yamaha Launches Interactive Sheet Music iPad App; Kathy Wolfe Tells Pirate It's Time to Walk Off the Plank...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, January 19

Music Curation in the Digital Age; Personal Radio Gets More 'Personal'; Mobile Marketing for Independent Artists...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, January 18

Is The Internet as a Basic Utility; Digital Licensing Hot Issues; 5 Publishing App Trends to Watch in 2012...and much more.

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, January 17

Obama Administration Responds to Online PIracy Petitions; Facebook Turns Users into DJs; Piracy Much Higher Than Freeloaders Confess...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, January 13

The Year in International Music Biz; The Evolution of Copyright; One "Fictional" Music App to Rule Them All...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, January 12

Mythbusting at CES; 12 Ways to Increase Your Fan Base for 2012; iPhone App Scratches an Itch for Wannabe DJs...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, January 11

The Future of Music Looks A Lot Like Art Jam Universe; iPhone Celebrates 5th Birthday; Pandora and MOG Move Their Technology to the Auto Industry...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, January 10

What the Music Biz Will Look for in 2012; Spotify's Daniel Ek is 'Most Important Man in Music'; What to Do Next to Engage Your Facebook Fans...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, January 9

Why We Need Protect IP/Stop Online Piracy Act; U.S. Music Sales Gain as Adele Spurs Downloads; Why Amazon is the Next Top Tech Company...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, January 6

Marketing Misconceptions about the Shifting Radio Landscape; Social Media's Explosive Growth is Just Beginning; The Musician's Guide to Google+...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, January 5

Why 2012 Will Be Year of the Artist-Entrepeneur; Android Arrives as a Music-Making Platform; The App Internet...and more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, January 4

The Next Year in Music Technology; New Spotify Apps Help Music Fans Curate Tunes; MySpace Reboots With Focus On Music, Facebook Integration...and much more

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Tuesday, January 3

How "Digital Parasites" Have Hurt the Music Industry; Music Pages Reign on Facebook, But Are Big Numbers Enough; RIAA "Report Card" Gives Google Low Marks For Anti-Piracy Efforts; The Politics of European Online Music Rights...and much more


Faces and Places

ASCAP y Grammy U

ASCAP y GRAMMY U unieron sus fuerzas en un panel educativo en la prestigiosa "University of the Incarnate Word" en San Antonio, TX el 24 de abril del 2012.

Kany García

Kany García, múltiple ganadora del Grammy Latino, regresa con fuerza bailable y solidaria a las ondas radiales con “Que te vaya mal,” carta de presentación de su tercer disco con Sony Music titulado “Kany García."

ASCAP Members Receive Top Honors at 43rd Annual Dove Awards

The 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards were hosted at the historic Fox Theatre for a second consecutive year, where ASCAP members dominated a number of coveted categories, and ASCAP awards winners Mary Mary performed.

First Class of Doris Duke Artists Includes ASCAP Members John Hollenbeck, Nicole Mitchell and Meredith Monk

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has awarded its first class of Doris Duke Artists. Each member of the first class will receive an unrestricted, multi-year cash grant of $225,000, plus as much as $50,000 more in targeted support for retirement savings and audience development. 

ASCAP Presents Circle Sessions in Chicago featuring Combustion Music

ASCAP teamed up with Black Label Entertainment on April 23, 2012, to present the ASCAP sponsored Circle Sessions at Joe's Bar in Chicago, featuring the writers of Nashville's Combustion Music.

2012 Guggenheim Fellowship Awards

The 2012 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation 88th annual Fellowships to artists, scientists, and scholars included a number of ASCAP members. Often characterized as "midcareer" awards, Guggenheim Fellowships are for those who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.

Michael Knox Takes Home Two ACM Awards

The Nashville-based producer-songwriter-creative director won two ACM awards for his work on Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson's "Don't You Wanna Stay," adding major accolades his award-winning year.

Thompson Square Named ACM Duo of the Year

Thompson Square were named Duo of the Year at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards. Kelly Clarkson, Michael Knox, Frank Liddell, Glenn Worf and more were also among the ASCAP honorees.

ASCAP London to Host Music Café at UK Sundance Film and Music Festival

As the UK hosts its first Sundance Film and Music Festival in late April, the ASCAP London office will debut its Music Café, showcasing artists and bands from an array of backgrounds and styles.

ASCAP & SCL Collaborate on "Taking Stock of Production Music" Panel

ASCAP and The Society of Composers and Lyricists recently hosted the panel “Taking Stock of Music Production: Where It Is Now and Where It’s Going” in New York. The panel was dedicated to exploring the business of production music and how to get involved.

Five Composers Selected to Score Films for ASCAP/Columbia Workshop

The 2012 ASCAP/Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop is underway! Congrats to Nicholas Brittel, Lucas Lechowski, Elizabeth Lim, Jourdan Urbach and Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin, who were selected from 30 composers to score short films by Columbia grad school filmmakers. The composer pool is now available for all interested filmmakers!

ASCAP Composer Fred Story Scores PBS Documentary Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel

Film/TV/multimedia composer Fred Story is celebrating 25 years as an ASCAP member with his fifth career Regional Emmy and a dramatic orchestral score for Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel, which premieres on April 2nd, 2012 on PBS.

Ron Jones & Seth MacFarlane Jazz Up Academy of Scoring Arts Fundraiser

Family Guy/American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane and composer Ron Jones's Influence Jazz Orchestra performed a set of swinging big band music at a fundraising gala for the Academy of Scoring Arts, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the art of scoring for visual media.

ASCAP TV Composers Enthrall Fans at WonderCon

Jim Dooley, Robert Duncan, Mark Isham and David Ari Leon, the ASCAP composers behind some of TV's biggest hit series, shared their wisdom and composing processes on Sunday, March 18th at the “Behind the Music: Composing for WonderCon’s Favorite Projects” panel at WonderCon in Anaheim.

Bruce Springsteen Gives Keynote Speech at SXSW

The Boss gave a keynote speech to remember at this year's SXSW. Covering his inspirations, his advice to young musicians, and stories from his career, Springsteen filled the hour with laughs and even brought his guitar out for some jamming.

Drew Seeley Fights Cancer with His New Single “Fly”

Singer/songwriter/actor Drew Seeley has entertained millions in his young life, co-starring in Another Cinderella Story, touring with High School Musical and writing and recording solo albums. Now this multi-talented ASCAP member is using his considerable talents to help fight cancer.

Pauline Oliveros Wins John Cage Award

The Foundation for Contemporary Arts has named ASCAP Member Pauline Oliveros the winner of the John Cage Award for 2012. Every two years, the $50,000 prize is made in recognition of outstanding achievement in the arts for work that reflects the spirit of John Cage, who was also an ASCAP Member.

ASCAP and Belmont Honor Rusty Gaston with Music City Milestone Award

ASCAP and Belmont University partnered to honor alumnus Rusty Gaston, GM and partner of THIS MUSIC, as the first recipient of the newly created Music City Milestone Award. The award is given to a young Belmont graduate who has achieved success with excellence in the entertainment and music industry.

The Missing Sync

In conjunction with the Nettwerk Music Group, ASCAP London hosted another successful showcase event on January 19th called "The Missing Sync."

Mountains Echo Jodie's Name

Jodie Marie is a gifted 20 yearoldsinger-songwriter with an elegant yet piercing light-blues touch, positioning her as the third point in a triangle formed by Joan Baez and Carole King.

Beatrice Anderson: Beyond The Brit School

The UK-based Brit School has a habit of turning out amazing talent such as Jessie J and Adele. Beatrice Anderson - a recent graduate of the school - is an 18-yearold songwriter and guitarist, and a very talented new artist.

Gaby Moreno In Miami

Gaby Moreno ilustró sus canciones en un showcase en Miami el dia 08 de Marzo. Karl Avanzini de ASCAP asistió al evento para mostrarle el apoyo de ASCAP.

The Song Remains The Same

ASCAP's London-based VP of Membership, Seán Devine, was asked to take part in the first of this year's songwriting master class series hosted by City Showcase.

ASCAP Celebrates Chris Young's Fifth Consecutive No. 1

The Country Music Association and ASCAP got together at CMA headquarters in Nashville on March 27th, 2012, to congratulate Chris Young on his fifth consecutive number one hit, "You."

ASCAP Presents At Tin Pan South

ASCAP hosted a showcase at the Hard Rock Café in Nashville as part of the NSAI's 20th Annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival.

Matt Redman and LZ7 Give Voice to "Twenty Seven Million"

ASCAP Songwriter and 2009 Song of the Year award winner Matt Redman and dance/rap group LZ7 have released their newest single to raise awareness of the anti-human trafficking movement. Now available for sale in the US, the single supports the mission of the A21 Campaign.

George Strait's "Here for a Good Time" Hits #1

ASCAP celebrated George Strait's first #1 as a songwriter during the Universal Music Group show at this year's Country Radio Seminar.

ASCAP Celebrates Academy Award Nominees at SCL Reception

The night before the big night, ASCAP's four Oscar nominees Bret McKenzie (APRA), Howard Shore, Siedah Garrett and Sergio Mendes stopped by the annual pre-Oscar reception hosted by the Society of Composers and Lyricists.

Joe Robinson Rocks 12th & Porter

ASCAP celebrated Guitar Player magazine’s Best New Talent and Australia’s Got Talent winner Joe Robinson on the release of his new CD, Let Me Introduce You, with a sold-out, packed house at 12th & Porter in Nashville on February 22nd.

New Crew Writers Round at The Basement

Nashville locals Robert Counts, Ryan Griffin and Daisy Mallory recently performed at ASCAP's New Crew Writers Round, an exciting quarterly event that showcases up-and-coming singer-songwriters who are creating a buzz around town.

Marvin Hamlisch to Receive First Ever Legends Award from CINE

The celebrated ASCAP composer, known for his music for A Chorus Line, The Sting and The Way We Were, will receive the first Legends Award from the non-profit CINE. The Award honors contributions to film or television that have become beloved and intrinsic elements of American popular culture.

Yuna: From Kuala Lampur with Love

Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna dropped by the ASCAP offices in L.A. to share her story and a few tunes. Yuna is set to charm the U.S. when she releases her self-titled new album later this year.

Composer Alf Clausen Scores Milestone 500th Episode of The Simpsons

On Sunday, February 19th, Fox TV will broadcast the 500th episode of The Simpsons, the longest-running prime time animated series in television history. The show is a major milestone for Alf Clausen whose ingenious scores have graced nearly every episode.

ASCAP's Quiet on the Set Showcase Relaunches in Style

The venerable Quiet on the Set showcase returned from hiatus with an intimate show at BETA Records TV in Los Angeles, featuring ASCAP acts Tyler Lyle, Rachel Rabin, the Ruby Friedman Orchestra and The Tall Boys.

Stars Come Out for ASCAP’s 2012 Grammy Nominee Brunch

ASCAP hosted a star-studded Grammy Brunch, honoring the ASCAP members nominated for 2012 Grammys. Multiple Grammy winner Paul Epworth and nominees Kelly Price, DJ White Shadow and Deana Carter mixed and mingled with celebs and industry elite at the third annual soiree.

Nail and Singleton Celebrate History-Making #1

Grammy-nominated songwriter-artist David Nail's first #1, “Let It Rain,” was recently honored by ASCAP. The song, co-written with Jonathan Singleton, set a record for the longest uninterrupted rise to #1 since the inception of the country radio charts.

Reptar Headline ASCAP-Sponsored New Noise Show in D.C.

Athens, GA-based ASCAP band Reptar brought their dance-addled, Afro-synthesized indie space pop music to the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Washington D.C. The occasion was All Things Go's New Noise show. But do you really need an occasion to dance your butt off?

Mama Luke and ASCAP L.A. Join the Fight against Breast Cancer

ASCAP L.A. hosted a t-shirt signing event for Mama Luke, a movement that aims to spread awareness about breast cancer within the hip-hop community. The autographed t-shirt will be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.

ASCAP Nashville Hosts First Hip-Hop Showcase

Nine acts representing Nashville's fast-emerging hip-hop and electronic music scene, including Sam & Tre, Call It Dope and more, took the stage at 12th & Porter in front of a packed house.

SXSW To Show Sneak Preview of Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, a New Documentary about Legendary ASCAP Band

It was announced today that SXSW will show a sneak preview of the forthcoming documentary, Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, a feature-length documentary about legendary Memphis band Big Star, led by ASCAP member Alex Chilton.

Nashville Office Unveils Music Lounge

ASCAP Nashville recently announced the opening of a brand new "music lounge" that has been added to the third floor Membership area. The space includes a stage and dedicated sound system, and provides the office with the unique opportunity to host special events and exclusive performances.

ASCAP Brings Together Sundance Film Composers and Filmmakers at Special Reception in Park City, Utah

ASCAP hosted the ASCAP Composer-Filmmaker Cocktail Party, an exclusive event at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café in Park City, Utah. The event was a celebration of ASCAP composers and filmmakers of 2012 Sundance Film Festival films.

ASCAP Members Top 2012 ACM Nominations

ASCAP’s country music songwriters earned multiple nominations in nearly every category of the 47th annual ACM Awards. Brad Paisley leads ASCAP nominees with nods for Entertainer of the Year and top Male Vocalist. ASCAP Country Songwriter of the Year Ben Hayslip was nominated for the ACM's top writer award along with David Lee Murphy.

Ron Jones and Jeff Silbar have Breakfast with Igor

ASCAP composer Ron Jones (Family Guy, American Dad) hosts a regular study session of classical masterworks. ASCAP songwriter Jeff Silbar stopped by the most recent one, an exploration of Stravinsksy's The Rite of Spring.

ASCAP Composers Guest Conduct at YMF Gala Concert

The Young Musicians Foundation recently invited ASCAP composers Richard Kaufman, Joey Newman and Michael Tilson Thomas to guest conduct the YMF's Debut Orchestra at its 57th Anniversary Gala Concert.

#1 Party for "Long Hot Summer"

ASCAP is celebrating with co-writers Richard Marx and Keith Urban at a party for their chart-topping hit single and you're invited! Marx and Urban will perform the song at approximately 4:30pm CT on Wednesday, January 25th. Watch it live on!

Brentwood-Benson Signs ASCAP Songwriter/Producer Rusty Varenkamp

Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing recently announced the addition of Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winning producer/songwriter Rusty Varenkamp to its esteemed roster of staff writers.

Koussevitzky Foundation Announces Commission Winners

The Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress and the Koussevitzky Music Foundation, Inc. have awarded commissions for new musical works to several composers. Award winners include: John Aylward, Anthony Cheung, Jason Eckardt, Agustin Fernandez (PRS), Jennifer Higdon, Harold Meltzer and Benoit Mernier (SABAM).

Man or Muppet?

At the Hollywood premiere of The Muppets, ASCAP celebrated with our songwriter members responsible for the film's Critics Choice Award and Oscar-nominated music.

Hollywood Fetes ASCAP Composers

We're deep into awards season, and ASCAP celebrated our members' contributions to the top films of 2011 at a series of SCL screenings of Albert Nobbs, Puss N Boots, Winnie the Pooh, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dirty Girl, Dolphin Tale and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Composer Earl Rose Performs In New Year's Eve

Emmy Award-winning composer Earl Rose performs his original instrumental "A-List Affair" in the new major Garry Marshall film New Year's Eve, currently in release globally. A fan of Rose's, Marshall specifically wrote the part of pianist for him.

ASCAP Celebrates “Country Must Be Country Wide”

ASCAP congratulated Mike Dekle and the team behind the No. 1 hit “Country Must Be Country Wide”  at a party in Nashville in January. Co-written by veteran songwriter Dekle and produced by Dann Huff, the hit blanketed airwaves across the nation, topping charts in October of last year.

Trent Reznor, Howard Shore, Alberto Iglesias Tapped for BAFTA Nominations

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts singled out Reznor's score to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Shore's music for Hugo and Iglesias's Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy score in the Original Music category.

ASCAP Honors Dan Wilson for "Someone Like You"

Adele's "Someone Like You," co-written by ASCAP songwriter Dan Wilson, spent five weeks atop the Billboard charts at the end of 2011. ASCAP recently presented Wilson with a commemorative plaque to celebrate the milestone achievement.

ASCAP Celebrates Barnes' Chart-Topper "God Gave Me You"

At a #1 Party in Nashville in early January, ASCAP congratulated Dave Barnes on the success of his song "God Gave Me You," recorded by Blake Shelton. The song topped Billboard's Hot Country chart for three weeks and also earned Barnes a Grammy nomination.

Sonidos Acústicos

La Sociedad Americana de Compositores, Autores y Editores (ASCAP) junto a SONY/ATV presentó la edición de este 2012 de los “Sonidos Acústicos de ASCAP” en Miami Florida ayer miércoles 25 de abril a las 6:30 pm en el Yuca Lounge.

Nurturing The Next Generation Of Composers

For more than two decades, the ASCAP Television & Film Scoring Workshop has nurtured emerging composers from around the globe by putting them in the room with working film/TV professionals and providing them with access to the same set of tools as A-list composers.

Los Premios Casandra 2012

Los Premios Casandra, es uno de los eventos culturales más importantes de la República Dominicana, auspiciado por ACROARTE, La Asociación de Cronistas de Arte, ha ganado en los últimos años no sólo popularidad nacional, sino que ha trascendido al ámbito artístico internacional.

ASCAP Celebra Los Nominados al Oscar en la Recepción SCL

Los cuatro socios de ASCAP nominados al Oscar, Sergio Mendes, Siedah Garrett, Howard Shore y Bret McKenzie (APRA), celebraron en la recepción previa al Oscar ofrecida por la Sociedad de Compositores y Letristas.

Los Gambinos

ASCAP estuvo presente en la comunidad de Washington Heights en la ciudad de Nueva York, durante el lanzamiento del video musical "Mafioso" del esperado grupo de Merengue Electrónico "Los Gambinos". El lanzamiento se realizó en Altus Café, lugar donde se reunieron ejecutivos de la industria, artistas y compositores, para apoyar este proyecto.



Heart and Soul

More than 35 years after releasing their debut album and going on to conquer the charts and earn the love of millions of fans around the world, Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson continue to thrive. In a year in which they are releasing a book, a box set and a new album, they're still giving music their all.

Marc Anthony: Ambassador of Dreamers

Marc Anthony is the best-selling salsa artist of all time, respected the world over for his passionate music and philanthropic efforts. He is many things: singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, visual artist, producer, entrepreneur, father, icon.

Meet ASCAP’s SXSW Class of 2012

There’s no telling what can happen at an ASCAP SXSW showcase. But if you want some idea of what to expect from our 2012 class of on-the-verge ASCAP bands, we’ve rounded up a live (or almost live) video for each of them. See you in Austin!

David Gray, The All-American Rejects and Ingrid Michaelson Help Make The Sundance ASCAP Music Café a Blockbuster Week

As the 2012 Sundance Film Festival headed into its second weekend, filmmakers, festival goers and all-around music fans continued to pack the house at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café on Main Street in Park City.


Green Room

Raising Their Voices

ASCAP members Arthur Alligood, Katie Herzig, Chris Velan and The Great Unknown have donated songs to the Tar Sands Action for videos supporting this pivotal environmental cause. We spoke to the Tar Sands Action videographer and the four ASCAP song donors to see how they felt about bringing voice to the movement.


In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Mike Melvoin, 1937 - 2012

ASCAP member Mike Melvoin, a veteran pianist/composer/arranger who scored episodes of Fame and MacGyver, contributed to classic records by Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and The Beach Boys and served as president of the Recording Academy, has passed away at the age of 74.

Whitney Houston, Global Music Icon, Dies at 48

On February 11, 2012, the music industry lost one of its greatest and most powerful voices. We look back on the legacy of Whitney Houston, an ASCAP member and extraordinary force in music.


New Members

La Jerarquía Norteña

Natives of Los Angeles, California, La Jerarquía Norteña are a talented Norteña band known for their original style of music.

New Member: Garrison Starr

Garrison Starr's figured something out. This Hernando, MS native toured with the first two Lilith Fairs, performed with Mary Chapin Carpenter and Melissa Etheridge, issued seven acclaimed full-lengths and landed some enviable TV placements. Despite all that experience, there's an audible sense of discovery in Starr's latest EP Not for Nothing, an all-acoustic affair she released for free download.

Yael Meyer

Yael Meyer's new album Everything Will Be Alright is the perfect musical confidante. Her lyrics deal seriously with universal emotions - love, fear, sadness, joy - but like the album's affirming title, Meyer makes us feel okay about our vulnerabilities, even enjoy them.

New Member DJ Drama Visits ASCAP's LA Office

ASCAP's LA office and long-time member DJ Don Cannon welcome our newest ASCAP member, DJ Drama, the official DJ for hip-hop star T.I. and mixtape producer extraordinaire.

New ASCAP Member Terence Nance Talks About His Sundance Film An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Terence Etc. gives insight on the making of his debut film of which he took the lead role, directed, and produced. He also scored the film and gave us a preview of his work at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café.


Presidents Letter

Tell Your Story


Radar Report

Carina Round’s Explosive, Expansive Tigermending

There’s a lot to listen to on Carina Round's new album Tigermending. The album's the product of a creator open enough to follow her musical instincts wherever they go, and keen enough to write actual songs. Just before Tigermending’s May 1 release, we got Round's perspective on creativity, commerce and everything in between.

Lucas Vidal’s Trans-Atlantic Scoring Adventure

Spanish composer Lucas Vidal is the youngest Berklee student ever to record the score to a feature film with a full orchestra. He's making good on his auspicious beginnings with his music for upcoming features The Cold Light of Day and The Raven. We spoke to Vidal about his path to scoring success.

Violinist Ken Ford: Out of the Woodwork

ASCAP writer/violinist Ken Ford has created a niche in the jazz world with an unorthodox and alluring sound, and broken into urban music on collaborations with Jill Scott, Chaka Khan and more. We spoke with Ford about his new album State of Mind and the experience of forging his own path.

Film Composer Chris Hajian Talks About Scoring Two Great New Documentaries - Unraveled and First Position

Two new documentaries provided film composer Hajian with an opportunity to display his musical skills in unique ways. Here he talks about scoring these docs – both of which were recent hits on the festival circuit.

Grammy-winners Carolina Chocolate Drops Are Back With Their Modern Spin on Traditional Black String Band Music

After earning a Grammy Award for their 2010 release, Genuine Negro Jig, the Carolina Chocolate Drops are back with another album that reflects their omnivorous musical tastes and remarkable musicianship - Leaving Eden.

Breaking Bad Composer Dave Porter Finds Better Scoring Through Chemistry

ASCAP composer Dave Porter has scored the original music for every episode of Breaking Bad, the hit AMC drama about an Albuquerque chemistry teacher’s descent into the drug world. We asked him how he captures the show’s mercurial spirit.

Esperanza Spalding

Before the 2011 Grammy Awards ceremony, Esperanza Spalding was virtually off the mainstream radar.

Lana Del Rey

ASCAP chanteuse Lana Del Rey is inescapable. The breakthrough sensation speaks on the subject nearly lost in the media buzz - her songwriting.

Composer Alf Clausen Scores Milestone 500th Episode of The Simpsons

On February 19th, Fox TV will broadcast the 500th episode of The Simpsons, the longest-running prime time animated series in television history. The show is a major milestone for Alf Clausen whose ingenious scores have graced nearly every episode.

Pihcintu, a Unique Multicultural Chorus from Maine, Gives Children from War-Torn Countries Hope and a Voice

Songwriter, producer and musician Con Fullam has created a children’s chorus in Portland, Maine that helps young refugees and immigrants from war-torn countries to experience the joys of community, music and sharing one’s voice.

JR Hutson Carries On the Family Values

Hailing from a musically-inclined family, it is no surprise that JR Hutson has taken the music world by storm over the past two decades. Through his work with great artists – such as Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway, and Musiq Soulchild – it is clear that he has spawned his own melodic imprint.
Hutson recently spoke with Playback about his Chicago upbringing, his greatest lesson learned, and a potential solo album.

Supa Dups Follows Up an Award-Winning Year

Producer extraordinaire, Supa Dups has gradually become the music industry’s go-to guy. After breaking out onto the scene with Nina Sky’s, “Turnin’ Me On” in 2004, he soon began crafting hits for the likes of Sean Paul, Rihanna, and Estelle. His poignant and pulsating production has earned him another Grammy Award nomination at the upcoming 2012 ceremony.


The ASCAP Foundation

Composer and Musician Pat Irwin to Address Students During "ASCAP Day" @ Berklee College Of Music on April 25th

The ASCAP Foundation is pleased to announce its support of “ASCAP Day” @ Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA taking place on April 25, 2012.  ASCAP composer and musician Pat Irwin will headline the day.

Music-COMP -- A Program Nurtured by The ASCAP Foundation

For the past 4 years, The ASCAP Foundation has provided a grant to Music-COMP (formerly known as The Vermont MIDI Project) to support its Composer to Composer: Professionals Mentoring Young Composers program.

Dr. Billy Taylor's Vision Lives On at The Kennedy Center through “Songwriters: The Next Generation”

"Songwriters: The Next Generation," a program of The ASCAP Foundation and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which is made possible by the Bart Howard Estate, showcased the work of four emerging songwriters and composers -- Andy Akiho, Julia Haltigan, André Henry and Celia Woodsmith with Della Mae on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage on March 22 and 23, 2012

The Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards

The ASCAP Foundation is the recipient of a generous multiple-year grant from The Herb Alpert Foundation to support the Foundation’s Young Jazz Composer Awards Program.

Family of Jimmy Van Heusen Goes "All The Way"

The family of Jimmy Van Heusen has established the Jimmy Van Heusen Award at The ASCAP Foundation to honor the legacy of the great American songwriter.

Valerie Simpson Honors the Legacy of Nick Ashford

Pop and soul songwriting legend and ASCAP and ASCAP Foundation Board member Valerie Simpson has established The ASCAP Foundation “Reach Out and Touch” Award in honor of her partner in life and musical collaborator, Nick Ashford.

A Unique New Program is Established by the Bienstock Family

ASCAP board member and CEO of Carlin America, Caroline Bienstock, along with her mother Miriam and brother Robert, COO of Carlin America, have established a unique new program, The ASCAP Foundation Freddy Bienstock Scholarship and Internship to honor the memory of publishing great, Freddy Bienstock.


The Creators Tool Box

Media Mine

Ahhh spring! It may have been the mildest of winters in Media Mine's Northeastern base camp, but the cherry blossoms and birdsong were still welcome signs that new possibilities are at hand.

Launching Pads

Mobile devices become more popular—and more powerful. Are they poised to replace computers as songwriters’ go-to creative tools?

Mixing do's and Don'ts

Want better results from your home and project studio mixes? Follow these 10 tips to give them a more professional touch.

Sound Bytes

Check out this awesome new gear for songwriters and producers!


We Create Music Blog

Academy of Country Music Awards Wrap-Up

ASCAP's Ryan Beuschel investigates some of the more surprising results of this year's Academy of Country Music Awards. Do you think Reba McEntire was unfairly snubbed? Should fans be able to vote for the Best New Artist category? Sound off in the comments section!

Gospel Star William McDowell Gives Himself Away

ASCAP member William McDowell's gospel anthem “I Give Myself Away” has set the tone for many a worship service over the last few years. Recently, McDowell took a moment to talk to us about the his Dove Award-nominated song, his motivational website, and how his business education impacted his music career.

Rosie Thomas: From Brooklyn With Love

Every record by ASCAP singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas contains sublime little jewels of melody, lyrical depth and great singing. Her newest collection With Love is no exception. ASCAP's Randy Grimmett spoke with Rosie about the creative and personal journeys that led to her most confident album yet.

Rick Garcia & William V. Malpede Keep It "Quiet"

Songwriter/composers Rick Garcia and William V. Malpede help to expand kids' definitions of what "quiet" can be with their beautiful songs forQuiet Is..., a new series of animated shorts premiering on the Disney Junior channel on Friday, March 23rd. We spoke (quietly) with this pair of talented ASCAP members about the music for Quiet Is...

The National Anthem of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is inescapable. Critics rave about her. Teens profess their love for her. She appears on magazine covers. And while Del Rey's new album Born to Die sold 800,000 copies in its debut week, little attention has been paid to her songwriting approach. We spoke with Del Rey about just that.

The Call of the Void: Nicole Berke's Journey Across the World

ASCAP singer-songwriter Nicole Berke left her contented life in Portland, Oregon to take a once-in-a-lifetime residency at a posh Beijing hotel. Her story reflects the fears we all have in embracing the unknown - and the amazing things that can happen when we do.

Nate Walka Mixes It Up

ASCAP writer/producer Nate Walka hasn't had a moment's rest since co-writing Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" and Trey Songz's "Say Ahh." He's since collaborated with Jesse McCartney, Stargate, Far East Movement and more, and he's currently prepping a new mixtape. We caught up with Walka to discuss his past, present and future.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with the King of Country

Country legend George Strait hit another milestone last month with his first #1 hit as a songwriter. Every country fan has a Strait song that had a big impact on their lives. ASCAP Nashville's Ryan Beuschel shares his personal stories behind four hits from the King of Country.

ASCAP Members Ian Coyne and Joe Solo on Developing Whitton

Behind every successful artist is a host of musical confidants who provide inspiration and feedback to help hone an artist's personal style. As a case study, we talked to ASCAP writer/producers Ian Coyne and Joe Solo about developing Whitton, a singer/songwriter with a unique sound that they played a large part in realizing.

Will Gray Goes for Broke*

The new documentary Broke* uses the story of on-the-verge ASCAP member Will Gray as a path into a much wider conversation about how artists can thrive amidst the massive changes afoot in the music industry. In this candid interview, Will Gray tells us about putting the pieces of Broke* together.

Doing Time with Penguin Prison

Chris Glover has parlayed his remixing prowess into a deliriously fun disco/pop project called Penguin Prison, who have a new album out and an infectious single called "Don't F**k with My Money." Glover swung through the ASCAP offices to share his plans for shaking the world's bootie. Topics discussed include Chris's unique songwriting process and the difficulty of releasing a single with an expletive in its title.

Brandon Hamilton's "Blue" Streak

Although he's a relative newcomer to the music industry, Brandon “Blue” Hamilton has already accomplished a lot in his career.

Bret McKenzie: Both Man and Muppet

In this video interview, Bret McKenzie speaks with us about his Oscar-nominated music from The Muppets, his lifelong affection for the music of ASCAP president Paul Williams, and how his toughest critic - his daughter - reacted to his work.

ASCAP Writers Share the Stories Behind Classic Love Songs

In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked the ASCAP writers behind love songs "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life," "We Danced" and "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" why they think listeners continue to fall in love to their music.

Daniel McMahon and Miles Nielsen Remain Undefeated

When ASCAP members Daniel McMahon and Miles Nielsen were asked to score the football documentary Undefeated, they had no idea it would be picked up by a major distributor, nominated for an Oscar and get backed by P. Diddy. McMahon tells us how he and Nielsen grappled with this career-changing opportunity.

Siedah Garrett on Music, Michael and the Power of Love

25 years after she co-wrote the immortal "Man in the Mirror," Grammy-winning ASCAP member Siedah Garrett is still at the top her game. Her music to Rio earned a 2012 Oscar nod, and she's set to release The Answer's Always Love, her first album in nine years. Here, Siedah shares some wisdom she picked up along the way.

David Nail's "Let It Rain" Storms the Charts

David Nail's "Let It Rain" recently set a record for the longest uninterrupted climb to #1 in the history of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. ASCAP's Ryan Beuschel has the story behind the song, including its serendipitous connection to cinema. Watch our exclusive video of David performing "Let It Rain" at Sundance.

Diversifying Your Music Career

Licensing. Scoring. Session work. For many music makers, seeking out new opportunities and income streams has become a requirement. We talked to Guy Erez, Judith Owen and Lance Hayes, three ASCAP members who have found success - and creative satisfaction - through diversifying their careers.

Trevante Wants to Be Your First

Atlanta-based ASCAP member Trevante is all set to release his debut album, I Am Trevante, in March. This fresh-faced singer/songwriter took a break from working with Tank and El DeBarge to talk to us about his inspirations and ambitions.

Matthew Shipp: The Elastic Composer

ASCAP pianist Matthew Shipp has one of the most singular styles in jazz, but he's also known for his inventive collaborations. 2012 will see two collaborative projects from Shipp: the trio album Elastic Aspects and the art film The Composer, made with filmmaker Barbara Januszkiewicz. We asked Shipp about both.

Sundance Preview: Fall on Your Sword

Audio/visual combat task force Fall on Your Sword destroyed the audience at the 2011 Sundance Music Café, and they wrote the music to two films screening at this year's Sundance festival. We figured it was high time the band's creative core of Will Bates and Phill Mossman told us what it's like to be good at everything.

Sundance Preview: Jeremy Current

In the musical world of Jeremy Current, hooks get twangified and everyday emotions turn into poetic proclamations. See for yourself with these exclusive performance videos of Jeremy, plus a special bonus interview between him and fellow Sundance ASCAP Music Café performer Bailey Cooke.

Sundance Preview: Bailey Cooke

Bailey Cooke is another brilliant ASCAP member lined up for the 2012 Sundance ASCAP Music Café. Cooke swung by our L.A. offices a few months back to share a couple of her authentic, elemental Americana tunes with us. Check out the video evidence, and catch her in Park City on Tuesday, 1/24 at 2pm.

Sundance Preview: Garland Jeffreys

We're just a little over a week away from the 2012 Sundance ASCAP Music Café. To whet your appetite for our stellar lineup of ASCAP members, here's a brand new video from rock 'n roll poet Garland Jeffreys. You can catch him at the Music Café on 1/22 and 1/23.

Lucas Field's Funky About-Face

Lucas Field's soulful, retro-leaning new album Conquest of Happiness is a major departure for the former leader of indie rock darlings Low vs Diamond. On the eve of his weeklong West Coast tour, Field tells us how he found his new direction.

Mark Isham's Fairy Tale Year

Grammy, Emmy and ASCAP Henry Mancini Award-winning trumpeter/composer Mark Isham had a fruitful 2011, anchored by his scores to Warrior, olphin Tale and the first season of Once Upon a Time. We spoke with Isham about the fascinating places his career has taken him - and continues to take him.