ASCAP Payment System

The ASCAP Surveys

The below chart outlines which media are on an ASCAP census survey and which are on a sample.

Our survey methods depend on the medium we're surveying [click here for the specifics]. Whether census or sample, our surveys are conducted using state-of-the-art technology to collect performance data. As technology becomes more sophisticated and economical, we expand our complete count of performances, and put more money in the pockets of ASCAP members.

The digital data we get from radio and streaming services gets processed by our award-winning Audio Performance Management (APM) platform, which matches performance data to the works registered in ASCAP's databases. APM is capable of matching six times more performances per hour than our previous system. In the first year we used APM, we doubled the number of performances we processed annually, from 250 billion to 500 billion. Coupled with our expanded streaming surveys, APM also helped identify 30 times more streaming works than the previous year, resulting in nine times more ASCAP writers getting paid for streaming music.


(Complete Count of Performances)


Network Television
  • ABC, NBC, CBS - all performances, including music in commercials, promotional and public service announcements
  • Fox and CW - all programs, commercials and promotional announcements
  • Univision - all programs and promotional announcements
  • All other uses
Local TV
  • All syndicated programs and movies
  • All commercials on stations monitored by Numerator (formerly known as Competitrack)
  • Locally produced programs for which ASCAP is paid on a per-program license basis
  • All other programs
  • Music in commercials, promotional and public service announcements
Cable TV
  • All general entertainment cable networks, premium movie services and selected sports services
  • All series and movies on MTV and VH1
  • All commercials on stations monitored by Numerator (formerly known as Competitrack)

For a complete list of surveyed cable services, contact ASCAP’s Global Writer & Publisher Services department (1-800-95-ASCAP)

  • All other programs and uses on these major cable services
  • All uses on other licensed cable services
Cable TV – Local Cable Systems


  • All programs and music in commercials, promotional and public service announcements
Music Choice
  • Census of titles that exceed credit threshold
  • Sample of other titles on all channels
  • PBS programs, syndicated programs and movies on more than 50 of the largest PBS stations
  • All other programs and uses
Live Concerts

  • All songs written and submitted by members via ASCAP OnStage
  • All songs performed in the 300 top-grossing concert tours
  • All songs performed in other selected major venues
  • Live symphonic and recital concerts
  • Other performances in educational institutions
  • Over 2000 broadcast radio stations monitored by Nielsen
  • All other radio, including commercial stations, National Public Radio, college radio stations, satellite radio
Digital Services - Audio Streaming and Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs)
  • ASCAP-licensed digital licensees that provide us with complete data on music use
  • Other ASCAP-licensed digital sites
Background and Foreground Music Services
  • The Environmental Channel and FMI satellite services of MUZAK
  • Titles on DMX Satellite channels that automatically match to work IDs or are above a threshold number of plays
  • All other titles on DMX
Other Media
  • Ringling Brothers Circus
  • Disney on Ice
  • Radio City Music Hall holiday shows, including tour
  • Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens theme parks
  • Banco Popular
  • Digital Jukebox (eg Touchtunes & AMI) titles that exceed credit threshold
  • 50 monthly programs on airlines
  • All other Digital Jukebox titles