ASCAP Payment System

Registering Your Music with ASCAP

The first step to getting paid is making sure your music is registered at ASCAP. After all, we can't pay you for the performance of a work if we don't know you are the writer or publisher! Once we identify a work that has been performed, we then have to determine the correct writer and publisher members to pay, and the percentages of royalties that should go to each entitled party. To do that, we rely on information supplied to us by our members.

In the case of most musical works, you will let us know the writer, publisher and royalty percentage through our Work Registration system, available in your ASCAP Member Access account. Writers who publish their own works should register their music themselves; if you have signed a publishing deal, your publisher may do it on your behalf. Either way, registering your titles gives ASCAP the information we need to get you paid properly.

Online Work Registration

Cue Sheets

In order to credit members for performances of their works on television and cable, ASCAP must have a cue sheet on file. Cue sheets list detailed information on all of the writers and publishers who have music in a show. Cue sheets are usually submitted to ASCAP by the producer of a film or television program.