ASCAP Payment System

ASCAP OnStage, ASCAP Plus Awards, Performance Notification and our Top 300 Tours Survey

ASCAP strives to identify public performances in every one of the 700,000+ businesses we license. It is not cost effective for ASCAP to survey all performances in bars, clubs, and other "general licensees" due to the lack of availability of accurate performance data and the relatively small license fees paid by these establishments.

To address this challenge and compensate you for your hard work, we have a number of programs funded by fees from licensees like these.

ASCAP OnStage logo

Each quarter, our writer members can submit an ASCAP OnStage claim to notify us of each individual performance of their music in ASCAP-licensed venues. We distribute royalties to the writers and publishers of the songs based upon the license fee paid by the venue. OnStage is another example of our commitment to “Follow the Dollar” - it’s a direct connection between our members and the licensees that perform ASCAP music.

ASCAP Plus Awards logo

ASCAP Plus Awards
Through the ASCAP Plus Awards, we reward writers of children's music, symphonic & concert music, jazz, and musical theatre with a value beyond the scope of performance surveys. All award decisions are made by distinguished members of the music community who are neither members nor employees of ASCAP. ASCAP is the only performing rights organization with an awards program of this kind.

While ASCAP concert music composers may apply for Plus Awards and submit programs via the Performance Notification Form, the two programs are distinct. Performance Notification is part of our regular survey, and the royalties are based on licensing fees from ASCAP-licensed venues. The Plus Awards are designed to compensate composers for activity outside of our surveys - applications may list performances in non-traditional or unlicensed venues, as well as significant career activity (e.g. recording releases, commissions and premieres, honors).

Top 300 Tours Survey
ASCAP surveys and distributes royalties for the ASCAP songs performed during the 300 top-grossing tours each year, as reported by Pollstar. This includes both headlining and opening acts. ASCAP requests setlists directly from managers, promoters and venues where available.

Performance Notification (for Concert Music composers)
ASCAP composers of symphonic and concert music can get paid for live performances of their works at ASCAP-licensed concert halls, universities and other ASCAP-licensed presenters and venues, by submitting programs via our Performance Notification form. We encourage composers to fill out the form every time there is a licensable live performance of your music, throughout the world.