Introducing the New ASCAP Member Access

December 8, 2016

Hey there, ASCAP member! You might have noticed we’ve spruced up With our new website comes a newly enhanced ASCAP Member Access: your online portal to handle all of your ASCAP business in one spot. 

Some of the improvements are cosmetic and some are game-changers, letting you see your performance and royalty info in new ways. Every change has made Member Access more useful, more powerful, and much easier for you to use.

Here’s how to use some of our favorite features of the new Member Access. Whether you’re a first time user or a veteran, we hope you find it helpful.


Single sign-on

Once you’re logged in to Member Access, you stay logged in. Now wherever you are on, you’ve got instant access to your personal account via the navbar on the left side of your screen.


Update your basic info on the new Profile page

The new Member Access gathers all the basic details of your membership on one page. Once you’ve logged in, click the “Profile” link on the left-hand navbar. From there you can:

  • Update your contact info: Edit your phone, e-mail and mailing address so we can contact you about your royalties. Just fill in your address, hit “Save,” and you’re done.
  • Add an alternate name: Have a pseudonym? Or five? Add as many as you please in the “Alternate Names” field. You can even click “Undisclosed” if you’d prefer it not be linked to your other names in our public repertory database.
  • Find your IPI number: If a co-writer or publisher is asking for your IPI number, here’s where you find it. Your IPI is a unique identifier used by many societies around the world.

See your entire catalog of ASCAP works or register a new one

Before we can pay you for a song or cue, it needs to be registered with us. Hit the “Add/Edit” button from your Member Access dashboard to enter our title registration system. 

For a fully searchable list of your ASCAP catalog, click the “Works” button on your Member Access dashboard. You’ll find a wealth of detail about each of your songs/cues, including its writers/publishers/administrators, who registered the song, and a list of the cue sheets that feature it. 

Want to download your entire catalog? Select “Request Catalog” from the main Works page, and we’ll prepare it for you in a jiffy.


See your royalty information in a ton of detail

From your first check to your latest statement, we’re committed to providing you with a wealth of details about your earnings and performances. Click the “Earnings” link from the navbar. From there, you can:

  • View your ASCAP earnings and statements going back to 2009
  • Download your statements in CSV or PDF formats
  • See upcoming distribution dates and deadlines

As always, you can view your royalties in great detail, reflecting the exact licensing value of each of your public performances.

Sign up for direct deposit - get your money faster

Sign up for direct deposit to get your money wired straight to your bank account, as soon as your royalties are ready. It's a lot faster than waiting for a check in the mail! You will also need direct deposit if you want to apply for our ASCAP OnStage and ASCAP Plus Awards programs (more on that later). 

Sign up by clicking “Payment Information,” underneath the Profile link in the navbar.

See a full list of your cue sheets (no other PRO in the US offers this)

Having access to your cue sheets can ensure that you get paid accurately for your hard-earned placements. The new Member Access makes it simpler than ever to see all of the cue sheets we have on file that feature your music (fun fact: we’re the only American PRO that offers this).

Expand the “Works” menu from the navbar and hit “Cue Sheets” - or simply click the “Cue Sheets” button from your dashboard. You can search across a whopping 11 criteria, including series, episode title, even the Work ID of a song or cue.


Give someone else as much (or as little) access to your account as you want

Let’s say you want your accountant to see your ASCAP royalties, but don’t want her to be able to edit your contact info. You can make her or anyone a “Designated User” of your Member Access account, with their own login info. Click the “Designated Users” link under the Profile menu. Hit “Add,” then check off the permissions you want to give that user. You can change or delete permissions at any time.

Apply for ASCAP OnStage and the ASCAP Plus Awards

Member Access is your portal to two of our programs for ASCAP writers:

  • ASCAP OnStage: This program can get you paid every time you play live at a venue that we license. We’ve updated our OnStage claim form so it’s easier to add your music to setlists, and there’s a better integration between your setlists and performances. To get started, hit the “ASCAP OnStage” link in the navbar.
  • ASCAP Plus Awards: This program offers cash and recognition to ASCAP writers of jazz, musical theatre and symphonic & concert music whose catalogs have a unique value beyond the scope of our performance surveys. Beginning later in 2017, click the link on the Member Access navbar for the application.

Remember: You can only participate in these two programs if you have activated direct deposit!

Send us a message

Member Access is the starting line for getting your ASCAP account questions answered, so we’ve put your messages front and center on the dashboard. We’re just one tap away—click the “Contact ASCAP” button on the navbar to start the conversation. Our Writer & Publisher Services team will send you updates as we resolve it, so you’re in the loop from start to finish.


As the only member-run and member-owned performing rights organization in the US, we’re committed to supporting your music career, throughout your career. We want the new Member Access to make handling your ASCAP business simple and fast, so you can spend your time making music! 

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