Musical Theatre & Cabaret Periodicals

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Subtitled "The Performing Arts Weekly." this New York-based entertainment industry newspaper emphasizes theater and cabaret. This wide-ranging periodical features news articles, advertisements, casting announcements, and more.


The Dramatists Guild, Inc.
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Published by the Dramatists Guild (see their entry below), these publications contain a wealth of information. The Quarterly contains articles on the "how to's" of doing business in the theater, as well as news on the Guild. There are lists of plays produced in New York, in regional theaters, and abroad, as well as a list labeled "Other" which includes readings and workshops. Bibliographical information includes listings of plays published, and original cast albums reissued, as well as new books by members.
The Resource Directory is a writer's guide to the theatrical marketplace" and divides the contacts into "Submission Opportunities" (conferences and festivals, contests, commercial producers, publishers, theatres) and "Career Development Opportunities" (agents, attorneys, colonies and residencies, emergency funds, fellowships and grants, membership and service organizations, workshops). There are literally hundreds of contacts in this booklet.

An impressively thorough web site about all things musical theatre. Updated daily, the site includes Live Chat and a Message Board as well as News, Listings (Broadway, Off Broadway, Regional, National and International), Ticket Sale information, Features, Industry News, Casting and Job information, a Reference area, a Multimedia area, links, even quizzes and contests.

Price Berkley, Publisher
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Sub-titled "The Voice of the Theatre," this periodical is filled with information on musicals, plays scheduled to open, and the current theatrical offerings. Theatrical Index is specifically geared to professionals within the theater industry, with information on producers, agents and publicists -- however, there are no narrative articles or profiles. The format is stapled 8 1/2"-by-11" size pages cleanly produced without advertising or illustrations. This publication provides essential information on works in production, and the principle people involved in the productions.

VARIETY (Weekly)
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In its weekly edition, this oversized slick magazine contains information for professionals in all avenues of entertainment. Films currently in production are listed by the studio with information on leading performers, the personnel involved in the production, and the distribution information for each film. Major news topics covered are Film, Television, Europe, Media, International, Live, and Finance. There are reviews of films, television, videos, plays (both Broadway and regional) and books.
The advertising ranges from promotional to real estate, from employment to auditions. Variety has charts on: weekly box office earnings by top grossing pictures; Nielsen ratings; Europe's Top 10 "Big Pics"; the international box office; and special charts reflecting seasonal revenues, etc.

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Variety 's daily edition is a prominent national trade publication that emphasizes films and television productions. Its Friday edition features film and television projects currently in production.