Fact Sheet on Removal of UPPM Catalogs from ASCAP Repertory

Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) has notified ASCAP that effective April 1, 2016, it is removing from the ASCAP repertory all of the works in the following four catalogs wholly-owned or exclusively represented by UPPM:

  • UPPM has represented to ASCAP that UPPM has all the necessary rights and authority to move all musical compositions in these catalogs (excluding works that are subject to contractual or other legal restrictions) (collectively, the “Works”) in their entirety to another performing rights society.
  • UPPM has informed ASCAP that beginning April 1, 2016, the Works in the four UPPM catalogs as of that date, as well as works created after that date, will be licensed through SESAC, Inc. for U.S. performances.
  • However, please note that pursuant to final written license agreements entered into by ASCAP prior to April 1, 2016, ASCAP will continue to collect license fees and make distributions to ASCAP members for their shares in any Work(s) in the four UPPM catalogs for U.S. performances until the expiration of each final license pursuant to a concept known as “licenses-in-effect.”
  • ASCAP member interests in Works in the UPPM catalogs will not be licensed by ASCAP under any new license entered into by ASCAP on or after April 1, 2016 because the musical compositions are no longer in the ASCAP repertory.

How this change impacts ASCAP writer members:

  • Writers will remain full members of ASCAP and all of their works except those in the four UPPM catalogs will continue to be licensed and paid by ASCAP. ASCAP will continue to protect and advocate for their rights, support their careers, and most importantly, maximize their performance royalties for all other works they have written which remain in the ASCAP repertory.
  • UPPM has indicated that its agreement with SESAC is for U.S. performances only. Therefore, our understanding is that international royalties for the UPPM works will continue to flow through ASCAP solely to the extent that ASCAP continues to receive the revenue associated with such Works from foreign societies. IPI affiliation for any affected writer will remain marked as ASCAP on international databases, unless a writer chooses to resign from ASCAP. 

How the changes will be reflected in ACE, ASCAP’s repertory database:

  • ACE, ASCAP’s repertory database, is being updated to reflect that the works associated with the four specific UPPM catalogs are no longer being represented by ASCAP but will still be available under licenses-in-effect.
  • When searching on ACE by any parameter (writer, publisher, title, ISWC, ASCAP ID), the works in the UPPM catalog will return in the search results but will be denoted as only being available under licenses-in-effect.

How ASCAP will pay domestic royalties under Licenses-In-Effect:

  • ASCAP will continue to pay domestic royalties subject to all policies governing Licenses-In-Effect.
  • Licenses-In-Effect are those final written agreements entered into prior to April 1, 2016. Any ASCAP license commencing on or after April 1, 2016 forward will exclude works associated with the four UPPM catalogs.

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