Update To The Survey And Distribution System

Sections 2.8 and 2.9 of “ASCAP's Survey and Distribution System: Rules & Policies” have been revised to reflect the Board of Directors' decisions to (i) expand the Radio Feature Premium to include payments for the most frequently performed songs on satellite radio and music streaming services, in addition to such performances on terrestrial radio, as well as for permanently qualifying works that also have performances in those media; and (ii) expand the Television Premium to include payments for performances on highly rated syndicated series airing on daytime and primetime network cable and satellite television. In addition, Section 2.2 has been revised to eliminate duplicative references to the new Audio Feature Premium and the Television Feature Premium (referred to in Sections 2.8 and 2.9, respectively) and the limits on the funds available for such payments.

The Board of Directors also accepted the recommendation of the Survey & Distribution Committee that, effective with performances occurring during the third quarter of this year, ASCAP will be reducing substantially its efforts to match manually reported performances of music contained in infomercials with information in ASCAP's membership and works databases. This decision was based on an analysis of the costs ASCAP has incurred in conducting the additional and extensive manual matching process for performances in infomercials, as well as the fact that the manual matching process historically has resulted in only an insignificant increase in distributable royalties when compared with the royalties generated by the automated matching process. Thus, it will no longer be necessary for members to submit media buy schedules in support of claims for royalties attributable to such performances.