Terms and Conditions For Use of The ASCAP Logos

Last Updated June 25th, 2014

1. Limited License. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (“ASCAP”) grants to its Members and Licensees of the ASCAP Repertory in good standing, and to partners, sponsors, vendors and other entities with which ASCAP has a partnership, sponsorship, marketing or promotional agreement, or a substantially similar agreement or business arrangement (each, a “Logo User,” collectively, “Logo Users”), a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license (“License”) to use the Approved Forms of ASCAP Logos set forth on Schedule A (each a “Licensed Mark,” collectively, the “Licensed Marks”), solely for those permitted uses set forth in Section 3 below, in accordance with these Additional Terms and Conditions that govern use of the ASCAP Logos ( “ASCAP Logos Terms”). All capitalized terms used and not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.

2. Guidelines for Use of the Licensed Marks. Any use of the Licensed Marks shall be limited to true and correct copies of the specific “Approved Forms of ASCAP Logos” as shown on Schedule A, including, without limitation, the same relative relationship of the dimensions (top, bottom, and sides), content (wording and musical note), color scheme and font style of each original Licensed Mark as specifically set forth thereon. Logo Users shall comply with the ASCAP Logos Use Guidelines set forth on Schedule B, which may be modified by ASCAP from time to time.

3. Permitted Uses of the Licensed Marks.

  1. Websites. All Logo Users shall be permitted to use or display the following Licensed Marks on websites owned and operated by such Logo Users solely for the purposes of linking to the ASCAP website (www.ascap.com):

    • ASCAP Main Logo;

    • ASCAP We Create Music Logo;

    • ASCAP Stacked Logo; and

    In addition to the Licensed Marks set forth above, ASCAP is honored to provide current ASCAP Members and Licensees in good standing with the right to use the ASCAP Member Logo and ASCAP Licensed Logos, as applicable, to indicate their status as an ASCAP Member or Licensee on their websites. To determine whether you are an ASCAP Member or Licensee in good standing, contact an ASCAP Licensing Representative at 1-800-505-4052 or an ASCAP Member Services Representative at 1-800-95-ASCAP. If you have general questions about ASCAP licensing or becoming a member, please see the Licensing FAQ and Join ASCAP FAQ pages.

  2. Business Related Materials. ASCAP Members and ASCAP Licensees shall also be permitted to use the ASCAP Member Logo and ASCAP Licensed Logos, respectively, for business stationary, business cards and other similar items, solely for purposes of indicating their affiliation or status with ASCAP.

  3. ASCAP Members’ Musical Compositions and Sound Recordings. Any current ASCAP Member in good standing shall be permitted to use the ASCAP Member Logo to identify its musical works as being licensed by ASCAP on any materials, documents or other communications, whether published online, in print, or in the form of CDs or otherwise (e.g., "jewel jackets," "liner notes," or tray cards of CDs, tapes, etc.). In the event that the ASCAP Logo is applied to materials relating to recordings of ASCAP Members’ musical compositions (“Recordings”), it is understood and agreed that only the ASCAP Member Logo, and none of the other Licensed Marks, shall be used for the limited purpose of designating such Recordings as including musical compositions written by the applicable ASCAP Member. It is further acknowledged and agreed that the following statement will be reproduced on the Recordings and accompanying materials that use or display the ASCAP Member Logo:

    The use of the ASCAP Member Logo indicates that [INSERT MEMBER NAME] is an ASCAP member in good standing, and does not imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that ASCAP has approved of, sponsored, endorsed, or is otherwise responsible for these materials.

4. Ownership of the ASCAP Logo; Reservation of Rights. ASCAP is the sole owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the Licensed Marks and variations thereof, together with the goodwill that is symbolized by such trademarks. Except for the rights expressly granted hereunder, Logo Users shall not have any rights, title or interest in or to the Licensed Marks. Logo User acknowledges that the Licensed Marks and all trademarks included therein have acquired secondary meaning and that Logo User’s use of the same, including the goodwill associated therewith, inures solely and exclusively to the benefit of ASCAP. Logo Users shall not contest or oppose any registrations pending at the United States Patent and Trademark Authority or other government institution for the registration of the Licensed Marks. Logo Users shall not use the Licensed Marks in any manner, which may falsely suggest or imply an endorsement or sponsorship by ASCAP.

5. Revocation of Rights. ASCAP expressly reserves the right to revoke the limited License granted herein and to request that any Logo User cease and desist from any and all uses of the Licensed Marks for any reason, including, but not limited to, ASCAP’s determination in its sole discretion that a Member or Licensee is not in good standing, or its use of the Licensed Marks violates the ASCAP Logos Terms, Terms of Use Agreement or Privacy Policy.



ASCAP Main Logo
Hi-Res Horizontal Black

• • •

Hi-Res Horizontal White
ASCAP We Create Music logo
Hi-Res Horizontal Black

• • •

Hi-Res Horizontal White
ASCAP We Create Music logo (Compact)
Hi-Res Horizontal Black

• • •

Hi-Res Horizontal White
ASCAP We Create Music logo (Stacked)
Hi-Res Stacked Black

• • •

Hi-Res Stacked White
ASCAP Logo (Stacked)
Hi-Res Stacked Black

• • •

Hi-Res Stacked White



1. Use the ASCAP Logos in the same size, style, font and color as set forth on Schedule A.

The ASCAP Logos shall not be modified, altered or changed in any way, or combined with any other trademarks, logos or design elements.

2. Do not use the Licensed Marks to “brand” your business related materials.

Use of the Licensed Marks on or in connection with those materials specified in Sections 3B and C of the ASCAP Logos Terms is for informational purposes only—namely, to convey that a person or entity is a Member or Licensee of ASCAP in good standing. The Licensed Marks should not be displayed on materials such as CDs, jewel jackets, stationary, etc., in a way that suggests such materials are manufactured or created by, or otherwise emanate from, ASCAP.

3. Use the appropriate status and ownership legends with the Licensed Marks.

Unless otherwise specified by ASCAP in writing, each of the Licensed Marks shall always be accompanied by the ™ symbol. Additionally, all written documents, websites, displays or other materials, which include the Licensed Marks, shall contain the appropriate ownership information:

ASCAP and the associated logos are trademarks of
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

4. Do not use or register any of the Licensed Marks as corporate names.

The Licensed Marks shall not be used either alone or with any other word, or in any derivation or phonetic equivalent thereof as, or as part of, its, or any other entity’s, legal entity name or fictitious name.

5. The Licensed Marks shall not be used in a way that is derogatory or defamatory to ASCAP, that is misleading in any manner whatsoever, or that otherwise damages or decreases the value of the goodwill associated with the Licensed Marks and/or ASCAP.

6. Do not use or register any of the Licensed Marks, or other similar variations, as domain names, keywords or metatags.

For purposes of example, registration by a Logo User of the domain name “ascapmusiclicensee.com” or “ascappmusiclicensee.com” is prohibited.