The ASCAP International Advantage


  • ASCAP repertory earns more revenue overseas than the repertory of any other music rights organization.
  • We administer and license more foreign repertory in America than any other US music rights organization.
  • ASCAP has arrangements with foreign music rights organizations so that the ASCAP repertory is represented in nearly every country around the world where copyright law exists.
  • We have led the world in developing the procedures and tools to ensure prompt, efficient and accurate administration of performing rights in the digital age.
  • We are the only US society with multi-lingual senior executives based in Asia, Europe and the US, dedicated to fostering bilateral relations and maximizing revenue from international sources.
  • ASCAP routinely conducts technical visits to affiliated societies and has acquired an unrivaled knowledge of the policies and operations of music rights organizations around the world.

Strategic Focus

  • ASCAP assesses the potential impact on its revenue based on the political, legislative, economic and commercial developments in each country where ASCAP music is performed.
  • We are committed to identifying and claiming our members' rightful share of every source of performance income from our affiliated societies.
  • ASCAP lends legal assistance and technical expertise to emerging and established affiliated societies in the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and the Pacific Rim.
  • We rigorously analyze and help improve the performance and procedures of our affiliated societies.
  • We actively promote systems and tools designed to reduce the cost of administering performances of ASCAP repertory abroad.
  • We closely monitor changes in the membership, documentation, distribution and financial policies of our affiliated societies to ensure efficient and timely administration of our repertory abroad.

Global Activities

  • ASCAP plays an active role in various international organizations, including the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).
  • ASCAP Board member Marilyn Bergman served two terms as President of CISAC
  • We developed programs that have been adapted throughout the world, including:
    1. World Works List (WWL) used by societies around the world
    2. World Information Database (WID) which ASCAP developed as the centerpiece of CISAC's CIS projects and crucial to administration in the Digital Age
    3. MusicMark, a collaboration between ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN aimed at simplifying the music registration process and create a common, authoritative picture of the musical works represented by the three societies.

International Tools And Projects

ASCAP has played a leading role in developing many sophisticated programs to monitor performances:

  • The AVIndex (Audio-visual Index), a unique directory of audio-visual works that permits societies to match works to performances and obtain an authoritative cue-sheet required for distribution
  • The ASCAP Concert Tracking Program, which ensures that live performances abroad are documented with set lists so that royalties are properly routed and distributed

Technical Visits

  • ASCAP frequently visits affiliated societies, building a detailed, hands-on knowledge of the structure, organization, operations, procedures and policies of the society.
  • Technical visits always include a systems, distribution or licensing expert, who can assess the society’s practices and encourage the adoption of procedures to ensure the efficient administration of the ASCAP repertory in its territory.
  • Follow-up visits enable us to monitor progress, resolve urgent matters, verify proper documentation and keep up with market intelligence.

The ASCAP International Team

ASCAP has a dedicated team of international specialists who continuously stay in close touch with our affiliated societies around the world.

Neil Gaffney - Senior Vice President, International Affairs

Neil Gaffney

Neil Gaffney heads the ASCAP International Team and reports directly to the CEO on all international matters. He brings to his role at ASCAP over 25 years as an executive in administration of music rights. Most recently, he was owner of Right Thinking Solutions, where he provided innovative services in global music industry operations specializing in strategic-analysis, digital rights management, tracking and revenue recovery, business process re-engineering, business administration, and change management to a number of publisher and collection society clients. Prior to that, Gaffney was at EMI Music Publishing, where he held a number of high-level global management positions. Gaffney is based in London.

Willie Yeung

Regional Director/International, Willie Yeung is the former CEO of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH) with regional responsibility for Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Recognized as an expert in the field of collective administration, Willie is fluent in several languages and was instrumental in the creation and development of many affiliated music rights societies throughout Asia. He is based in Australia.