Drop the F Bomb and Other Tips for Better Banter

Ingrid Michaelson  •  May 14, 2015

I love to sing. Moving people with my music gives me such a feeling of joy and connection. But what I love just as much is making people laugh. I started to talk in between songs when I realized that my songs (the early ones at least) were so fucking depressing that if i didn't make people chuckle I feared they would slice something major with broken glass before my set was through.

It was always easy for me to talk. I guess because I like to...talk. I found that people really loved to connect to me through my music but also through the way I openly spoke about the music (and whatever else popped into my head). It just became part of my set. I never pretend there is a fourth wall. I adore feeding off the energy of a crowd.

If you want to connect and get better at your banter (I was told to give tips) here is my advice: Be you. Say what you feel. Try not to plan too hard what you should say after each song. Some songs may have a story attached to them, which is great. But try to change it up slightly each night. Otherwise the spontaneity will be lost after a few shows. BUT don't always feel like you do have to say anything! Forced banter makes an audience really squirmy and uncomfortable.

Just have fun. And allow the people who are watching you to really affect you. Don't shut them out. They want to connect. That's why they are there. Use them. And drop the F bomb. Especially if there are little kids in the audience.


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