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Cómo puedo hacerme miembro de ASCAP?
Afiliarse a ASCAP es facil. Simplemente visita nuestra página y haz click en “Join.” Si deseas hacerte miembro de ASCAP como compositor/autor, llena la solicitud de “Writer.” Si deseas hacerte miembro como editora, llena la solicitud de “Publisher.”
Cómo registro mis temas en ASCAP?
Puedes registrar tus temas en tu cuenta de Member Access ( Para facilitar este proceso sigue estas instrucciones. (Ingles básico es necesario).
  1. Visita nuestra página de internet en
  2. Selecciona “Manage Account", bajo la seccion de Music Creators
  3. Ingresa a tu cuenta de Member Access usando tu nombre de usuario y contraseña. Si no has activado tu cuenta de Member Access, podes activar tu cuenta hoy haciendo click en “Activate Your Account Now!”
  4. Haz click en “Register A Work” y sigue las instrucciones para registrar sus canciones.
Debo registrar mi canción en la Libreria del Congreso?
Es importante, aunque no obligatorio, que registres tus temas en la Biblioteca del Congreso para proteger tus temas. Para mas informacion por favor visite

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VERSED: The ASCAP Podcast / Ep. 15 - Rep. Adam Schiff & Paul Williams

The latest episode of VERSED reprises a critical session from ASCAP Experience: Home Edition in July 2020. We invited Congressman Adam Schiff and ASCAP President Paul Williams to discuss what Congress is doing to include music professionals in coronavirus relief efforts, the need for federal guidelines on restarting live performances at music venues, and what’s at stake in the Department of Justice’s upcoming review of the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees. Schiff is one of the fiercest champions of creators' rights in Washington - he led the effort in Congress to secure economic relief benefits for freelance and contract workers in the entertainment industry in the wake of coronavirus. Listen in to their important, impactful conversation to find out how you can help to create positive change for the American music community.

Chris DeStefano, Gizzle, Sebastián Yatra, Amy Wadge, Alyssa Bonagura, ROE, GALE, LIIV & EZI Set for First-Ever ASCAP Presents SPF (Summer Performance Festival)

ASCAP brings summer music festival experience to music fans at home with exclusive performance playlist series starting August 6.

ASCAP Presents an ASCAP Latino Live From Home Q&A: From Visitante to Cabra Thursday, August 6 at 6PM ET

ASCAP Latino Live from Home presents a Q&A with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Eduardo Cabra aka CABRA, formerly known as Visitante. The Instagram live series premiered April 2020 featuring some of the most celebrated songwriters in Latin music.

ASCAP Presents SPF: Summer Performance Festival

Hot sun. Cold drinks. Great songs. Summer’s here and the time is right for catching the season’s vibes. ASCAP is pleased to present “SPF,” an online summer performance festival featuring an exciting group of some of ASCAP’s top songwriters and artists, from buzzworthy up-and-comers to some of our favorite hitmakers from across the musical spectrum.