Eric Hutchinson



It takes more than an acoustic guitar and a nice smile to be a successful singer/songwriter these days. It is Eric Hutchinson's attention to detail that separates him from the ever-expanding sea of fresh-faced troubadours. His painstakingly-placed lyrics, his carefully crafted melodies, and his cunning observations and commentaries on everyday life are what distinguish Eric's songs from the rest.

Eric has spent the last few years showcasing his gift for intelligent pop music to audiences all across the country. He has played over 75 colleges in the past two years alone, performing from Spokane, Washington to Orlando, Florida and everywhere in between. He's opened shows for great artists such as Rachael Yamagata, Bob Schneider, David Mead, Marshall Crenshaw, Jonatha Brooke, Ari Hest, and Stephen Kellogg. Relying only on the power of the internet and venue sales, Eric has sold nearly 5,000 copies of his self-distributed first EP, "That Could've Gone Better."

Eric's latest EP, Four Songs You Might Like, is a diverse collection of acoustic-pop songs that reflects a wide range of musical influences from Michael Jackson to Ben Folds to Eminem. Songs like "Rock and Roll" and "Subtitles" combine instantly-accessible melodies and witty wordplay with biting sarcasm and real emotion.

And after seeing Eric live in concert, it is easy to see how he quickly converts strangers into instant fans — or "Hutcheads," as they call themselves. Performing solo acoustic, Eric commands the stage with a razor-sharp wit and a "ready-for-stand-up" sense of humor. Whether tearing through one of his crowd-pleasing originals or covering Justin Timberlake and Whitney Houston, Eric's shows are always fresh, hilarious and engaging. Of course, Eric's musicality is not surprising when one considers his family's musical background. His parents met when his father was giving his mother guitar lessons and Eric's grandmother is a professional violinist who has performed with soul legends like Smokey Robinson, Barry White and Stevie Wonder.

Growing up in Takoma Park, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., Eric wrote his first song at the age of 9, entitled "Why?" Even at such an early age, Eric was already honing his inquisitive songwriting nature, asking the tough questions such as "Why do I keep getting stung by so many bees?" and "Why does Popeye close one eye?" As a teenager, Eric was so entranced with The Beatles that he failed a midterm after writing nothing on it but the complete lyrics to Rubber Soul. Eric soon discovered a more productive outlet for his musical interest after finding his Mom's old guitar in the basement and teaching himself to play. Ten years later, Eric and his music continue to grow. He writes and performs songs that reflect a young man who has closely examined the world he lives in and still wants to find out more. Discover Eric Hutchinson.