The Wind + The Wave

The Wind + The Wave

Performing: 1/19 4:40pm, 1/20 4:40pm

The Wind and The Wave are Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn, best friends who employ the mantra "if it feels forced, fuck it." Over the course of working together on other musical efforts, the two are now able to describe themselves as being "cut from the same thread," and "rarely on different pages." This made it not only easy, but essential that Baker and Lynn begin writing and producing music that satisfied their own ever-evolving creative spirits.

"All of our songs truly come from the heart," Lynn says. Baker and Lynn can dive head-first into serious conversation topics and quickly burst into laughter. "We try not to take anything too seriously," says Baker. "It's definitely work, but it's the best kind of work. There's no sense in doing it unless you're having fun." It's obvious this duo is doing something they love. Baker and Lynn are preparing to release their first album, From The Wreckage, in which they wrote together before they even intended to call it their own. Thus, The Wind and The Wave came into being in late 2012.

"As an Austin, Texas based platinum producer/engineer/songwriter, Dwight Baker is no stranger to success in the music industry... And vocal powerhouse/songwriter Patricia Lynn might be Austin's best-kept secret, having received critical acclaim with her work in previous bands." -Epiphone

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