Lily Kershaw

Lily Kershaw

Performing: 1/17 2:40pm

Lily Kershaw's debut album, Midnight In the Garden, explores emotional landscapes and heart clutching melodies that say the unsaid things we struggle to say ourselves. The album takes root in the titans of folk music – those classic songsmiths who weave tapestries of sound with fingerpicking and tales of often unspoken truths. In song, Kershaw is an old soul, but in person, she's a kinetic 22-year-old, a "nearly life-long Los Angeleno," she says. Raised adjacent to the Hollywood machine, Kershaw offers an antidote to the long-mythologized Los Angeles glitz; she's authentic and honest, self-effacing and, above all, she is herself.

In 2012, her single "As It Seems" provided the backdrop to the long-running CBS drama series Criminal Minds. Broadcast around the world, the song quicky caught fire. Almost a year later, her song "Ashes Like Snow" appeared on the show with similar effect, wrapping audiences up in the meandering piano and her skyward arcing vocals.

Midnight In the Garden was released on September 24th, 2013 via Nettwerk Records.

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