Performing: 1/22 3:20pm, 1/23 3:20pm

Escondido is Nashville, TN-based artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James. Recorded live in a single day, their 10-song debut, The Ghost Of Escondido, projects a washed-out desert landscape steeped in American roots music. The pair met in 2012 while James was recording a mutual friend at his home studio. "Jess was quietly strumming 'Rodeo Queen' while everyone else was in the kitchen making drinks. I pushed record and added a little groove. Later that night, we listened and both said, 'You wanna make a record?'"

They spent the next two months crafting songs and bonding over a shared love of spaghetti westerns and '70s music. "We'd put on Ennio Morricone every morning," says Maros. "It's an easy process when you both love the same stuff."

"…one of the rare alt-country crossover acts with highbrow cred…It's ["Black Roses" video/single] country but with a cinéaste's touch…" –, "Band of the Week"

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