Paul Kelly

Performing: 1/20 4:00pm, 1/21 4:00pm

Paul Kelly's remarkable brand new 11-song album Spring and Fall - his 19th studio album and first collection of new material in five years - ranks with the seminal Australian singer-songwriter's most memorable and resonant work, demonstrating why he's virtually a national hero in his home country and one of the most celebrated songwriters on the planet. Its release times well with the acclaimed new documentary Stories of Me, which had a very successful theatrical run in Australia in October and November. These follow the well-received career-spanning 40-song compilation Songs from the South (Volumes 1 & 2).

"His songwriting is up there with the greats… the bittersweet and hard-core honesty of his lyrics is the sort of thing you'll only see once in a lifetime if you're lucky." - Amanda Palmer

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