Dave Berg

Performing: 1/20 3:20pm, 1/21 2:40pm

With the release of his third solo album, Not Quite So Alone, the Portland native has carved out an independent, yet parallel, space away from the Nashville world he has called home for more than a decade. The results are unlikely to surprise anyone that is familiar with the songs written by the recent ASCAP and Billboard Country Songwriter of the Year. Berg remains true to the same honest and earthy songs co-written and recorded by artists from Carrie Underwood to Jewel to Darius Rucker, and award-winning hits recorded by Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney and Rodney Atkins.

"You would think being a stunningly successful country songwriter at the peak of your career would be enough to keep a guy satisfied. You haven’t met Dave Berg." - Performing Songwriter

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