Tobias Enhus

Composer: Hello I Must Be Going


Tobias Enhus is a Swedish music composer living in the US. His work has appeared in films, such as Black Hawk Down; he has scored for Peter Chung's Dark Fury (The Chronicles of Riddick), Pandemic/THQ's Full Spectrum Warrior, and the Lions Gate feature film, Blind Horizon, starring Val Kilmer. He has also created music for television commercials, including the haunting score (featuring female operatic singing) heard in a 2006 commercial for Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles (shown during PBS sponsor-appreciation segments), as well as American Express Blue, MD Anderson, Fuel TV, Play Station2 and Chevy Tahoe. More recently, Enhus composed the majority of the track to The Matrix: Path of Neo, collaborating with other artists, such as Juno Reactor, Mark Killian, Todd Haberman and Rob Bennett, as well as composing the score for the Spider-Man 3 video game. Enhus has also composed for Machine Head.


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