k.s. Rhoads


"We work ourselves wretched for one old wood coffin / If life doesn't get you, love will finish you off" sings k.s. Rhoads on his stunning debut album Dead Language, which American Songwriter Magazine declares "an exhibition in style, grace, and limitless possibilities." His music has been called "a masterful marriage of indie-pop, orchestral, and American folk." His lush string arrangements recall Danny Elfman, and his lyrics recall F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is busy working on his next album, which he says "...is like a group of Russian composers drinking at a bar in Louisiana."

“k.s. Rhoads is one of those gems, glittering in the neglected Nashville pop scene. Dead Language is an exhibition in style, grace and limitless possibilities. Rhoads is a brooding, tireless producer… with a soft side. He brings it with a rapturous stage performance. Audiences are wrapped around his finger and knocked on their asses at the same time. You’ve got to see him play for yourself.”
American Songwriter

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