2AM Club

2AM Club

2AM Club know how to throw a party. Funk, pop, rock, blue-eyed soul, hip-hop, new wave and electro all converge to create a genre-bending sound that's completely unique, instantly relatable and practically begging to be danced to. These six twenty-somethings -- singer Marc Griffin, emcee Tyler Cordy, guitarist Matt Reagan, keyboard player Dave Dalton, drummer Ian O'Neill and bassist Matt "Sauce" Warshauer -- bring a diverse array of influences to the table (from Jay Z to the Beatles, Duran Duran to the Beastie Boys, Stevie Wonder to The Strokes), effortlessly synthesizing the very best of all that has come before them to create music that is resoundingly modern.

"Fusing together all the best elements of pop, rock, R&B and soul, 2AM Club seems destined for success"

On the web @:

www.myspace.com/2amclub | www.2amclubmusic.com

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