Pru Montin

Pru Montin is a Sydney based composer and sound designer from Melbourne, Australia, working in theatre, dance, film and games. She graduated from the Australian Film and Television School with a Graduate Diploma in Screen Music in 2010 and since then, has had her music recorded by members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra, legendary Blues/Jazz artists, Broadway musicians and members of the New York Philharmonia whilst her work in film has screened internationally (including Cannes and Palm Springs). With a gift at sampling, Pru has a unique approach to the creation of music through innovation. She creates soundscapes through discovered means and turns found objects into emotional musical journeys. She is predominately a Hybrid film composer focusing on sonorities as her main inspiration creating symphonic recorded works from one crystal glass and a chair squeak, an entire 15 minute documentary film score from a one second sample and explored eerie textural sound design using an orchestra and indeterminate contemporary classical techniques. This led her to complete a Master’s of Screen Arts at AFTRS in 2012 to develop an interactive music game myOrchestra, an exploration into creating an environment that uses gesture to compose through the conductor-like control of an orchestra using timbre, structure and dynamics as its main parameters. Pru aims to use music as a means to interact and involve audiences with visual material, using the physics of sound to physically alter an audience’s awareness of an environment.