ASCAP EXPO Testimonials

"Best thing I ever did. I have met most all of my mentors, producers, and greatest friends at this event. If you are a songwriter or artist, I highly recommend ASCAP and the EXPO!"
Tiffany Parker, Attendee

"It’s a full-on, three-day songwriting boot camp that’s as overwhelming as it is educational....The ASCAP team, however, have put together a program that oozes opportunities for collaboration."
Relix Magazine

"I so look forward to the ASCAP EXPO. One of the music industry's annual events I most cherish - in the top 3, right up there with Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party and The Songwriters Hall Of Fame ceremony!"
Desmond Child, Panelist

"The ASCAP Expo offers a comprehensive road map for a successful career in music—while providing plenty of inspiration to keep musicians motivated along the way."
M Music & Musicians Magazine

"I was thoroughly inspired and my only complaint is that I have to wait another year to do it again."
Richard Stelma

"I learned so much from the established songwriters and artists that took the time to share their stories and advice with the attendees. It was extremely inspiring, and I'm proud to be an ASCAP member!"
Kathryn Hallberg, Attendee

"The ASCAP EXPO was truly inspiring. It was one of the best weekends of my life."
Michelle Oglevie, Attendee

"Man it was a cool experience. I found it enriching and inspiring and I hope the attendees liked it too!"
Dan Wilson, Panelist

"It was really an amazing and unforgettable experience. It was important to me on so many levels."
Lindy Robbins, Performer

"I accomplished in 3 days at the EXPO, what would take me a year to do on my own!"
Rehya Stevens, Attendee

"The ASCAP EXPO - my first time - has been educational, humbling, motivating, and thoroughly enjoyable."
Ann Brodsky, Attendee

"Take advantage of the ASCAP EXPO. It's great opportunity to meet with some people in the industry. As a One-on-One mentor, I discovered and signed a great new songwriter."
Jeremy Yohai, One-on-One Session Leader; Downtown Music Publishing

"The ASCAP EXPO was amazing. The amount of talented, cool, good souled people there was inspiring. I made many contacts that will enhance my music career, from the creative to financials."
Grant Broadway, Attendee

"One of my favorite things about ASCAP is the organization's continuing effort to create a mutually beneficial community of songwriters and the conference goes a long way in that direction."
Phillip Rosenberg, Attendee

"What a GREAT conference ASCAP EXPO was. We have done many conferences...and this was one of the very best! I found the lunch roundtable sessions to be quite interesting."
Liz Leahy, Sponsor (Section 101); Lunch Roundtable Leader

"I've worked every kind of conference you can think of, and I've never seen anyone take care of their people the way you folks do."
Debbie McKinney, EXPO Registration Vendor (Registration Headquarters)

"[The EXPO] has been the most informative education I've ever received…from industry legends who are not accessible to the public, is far beyond the price charged for unlimited video access."
David Smith, Virtual Attendee through Online Video Access

"I have learned more in a few short days than in the 10 years as an artist."
Nicole "KOLE", Attendee

"I had the good fortune to meet artist-producer Mike Viola in an elevator at the EXPO; six months later, we recorded an album produced by Mike. Thank you, ASCAP!"
Noam Weinstein, Attendee

"What an inspiring, informative, amazing event - it really has morphed from 'wonderfully useful' to 'absolutely indispensable' in its first five editions."
Kubilay Uner, Panelist

"ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO was a strong vibe of creativity and unity swirling amongst musicians, writers and other Music Industry Professionals who came from all over the US."
Joi Hall, Attendee

"I had an amazing experience at the EXPO, loved every minute of it. I've been talking about it non-stop since my return."
Robert Ellis Orrall, Panelist

"I have been to so many of these kinds of conferences…I felt like I had been given a drink of water from a fire hose! There were so many approachable panelists."
Mary Dawson, One-on-One Session Leader

"I go to a lot of conferences and this was BY FAR the best I've been to in a long time."
Katey Darling, Attendee

"The education from the ASCAP EXPO was invaluable and I truly endorse it for those who want to get their game up in the music business."
Tenin Baba Ndanani, Attendee

"I handed my CD to Chris Douridas and the next morning my song was on KCRW Radio."
Andrew Shapiro, Attendee

"One of the most important events of the songwriter/publisher calendar…This would be a sure-fire place to find some inspiration and jump-start your songwriting and music publishing business."
Eric Beall, Panelist/Sponsor; A&R/Author

"The best part of the EXPO for me was scoring my first publishing deal! I definitely have the EXPO to thank for that!"
Benjamin E. Franklin, Attendee

"It's obvious that this ASCAP EXPO is on its way to becoming one of the most respected music conferences in the US."
Jimmy Landry, Panelist/Sponsor; Cakewalk

"The ASCAP EXPO provided countless opportunities for networking. If you do EXPO right, you should go home happily exhausted and with lots of business cards in your pocket. It's THE place to be for songwriters."
Deb Ferrara, Attendee

"I was approached to write for a project which turned out to be a great connection and more than paid for the trip."
Ernie Adzentoivich, Attendee

"Attendees told me that this event really changed their lives."
Barry Eastmond, Panelist

"This was one of the best and most informative shows of the year for Broadjam…We believe it is the most informative event of the year for songwriters and artists."
Roy Elkins, Panelist/Sponsor; CEO - Broadjam

"It was such an amazing experience for all of us involved. The entire EXPO itself was so well handled. Had a blast!"
Sam Hollander (S*A*M), Panelist

"The opportunity to interact with all of the incredible talent was unbelievable."
Kathy Ferguson, Attendee

"It's not everyday you see a rapper, a rocker and a cowboy having intense conversations about how they can work together to make music better."
John Rich, Panelist

"ASCAP has been a huge door-opener for networking! [At the EXPOs], I have met so many great contacts and yes, success has been following."
Amy Ward, Attendee

"I've been to a LOT of these types of events, and I was very impressed with the caliber of panelists, as well as the scheduling of the event. The One-on-One sessions are fantastic."
Ali Handal, Attendee

"The EXPO exponentially exceeded my expectations."
Hugh James Hardman, Attendee

"Never in life have I met so many big wigs in the industry that were so caring, congenial, helpful, and real."
Jacqueleen Brooks, Attendee

"I had an awesome time at the EXPO. As a veteran of these events, I have to say you surpassed my hopes and expectations…and of course the opportunities for connecting were invaluable."
Scott Sherman, Attendee

"I've come back screaming ASCAP's praises about what a wonderful, informative opportunity that the EXPO is."
Kimberly Gleason, Attendee; Director of Operations - Big Loud Shirt (Publisher)

"It was excellent! As a beginner, I learned all manner of vital things that I could not have found under one roof anywhere else on earth, I am sure."
Jerry Jewett, Attendee

"The Song Feedback Sessions were a huge help. Hearing industry leaders' reactions to/suggestions for my peers' work has already had an enormous impact on how I will attack my writing."
Allyssa Jones, Attendee

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"I accomplished in 3 days at the EXPO, what would take me a year to do on my own!"

Rehya Stevens, Attendee



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The ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO puts you in the heart of ASCAP's community of today's most successful music creators for three days of education, networking and inspiration.
Open to all, not just ASCAP members.


*ASCAP EXPO reserves the right to amend the program or participants without prior notice

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