April 10, 2013

The EXPO Experience: Jared Gutstadt of Jingle Punks

Jared Gutstadt

Jared Gutstadt

The Production Music, the DIY Way panel at this year’s ASCAP EXPO will explore how today’s composers are forging new paths to make money in the fast-growing production music world, all on their own terms. Few music creators are as qualified to speak on that topic as Jared Gutstadt, the lead composer and co-founder of Jingle Punks. We tossed a few questions his way about Jingle Punks and the wide world of library music.

What inspired you to found Jingle Punks? And what's unique about the company in the realm of production music?

To fill a void. In an effort to support my dreams of rock ‘n' roll stardom, I had been working as a video editor. I discovered that there were no audio services out there that had hip, relevant content, and found that often it was easier to just write and record something myself. I saw that there was a need for a company like Jingle Punks.

Do most of your writers make library cues exclusively? Or is Jingle Punks ever contracted to write original music on demand?

Both. We offer a variety of options to external artists, who have the option to upload music to our library exclusively or on a non-exclusive basis. As for contract work, absolutely. We're often contacted to provide custom composition and production for properties. These are handled by an internal team of award-winning composers, and we often reach out to our more successful library artists for their skilled work on some of these specific jobs.

What's the most creative use of production music that you've ever encountered?

To me it's all about creative placement, and creative, and smart, use of assets. Example: we were contacted by a major global beverage brand to come up with a lively anthem to attach to a campaign. They loved it, but in the end went in a different direction. So what did we do with this awesome, suddenly free track? We brought to our friends in Chiddy Bang, who ended up rapping on it and including it on their top 10 album Breakfast. Later, the song placed in several huge campaigns, including Microsoft Xbox. A closed door is merely a window to another opportunity.

What kinds of new opportunities for production music writers have you seen arise in the last few years?

Well, that's a huge question. The demise of the old music industry has been much-chronicled, but really, democratization of music production and distribution, and the growth of media as a landing spot for artists' work, has opened things up on a scale no one's seen before. The sky's the limit.

Why do you think it's important for independent music creators to come to an event like the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO?

Put simply, if you're not aware of the plethora of opportunities available today, you're gonna get left behind.


"Jingle" Jared Gutstadt is the CEO and co-founder (with Dan Demole) of Jingle Punks.As the lead composer at Jingle Punks, Gutstadt has composed and produced themes and scores for television (The Voice, American Pickers) and film (Mansome, The Marinovich Project), as well as top 10 pop singles (Chiddy Bang, “Happening”). Gutstadt has also composed for artists as varied as Snow and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Gutstadt’s original music for shows including Pawn Stars, the highest rated show on cable, has won three ASCAP Awards.

Additionally, Gutstadt formed the Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra, an in-house classical chamber group that covers contemporary pop and hip-hop hits, a metamarketing conceit that drew accolades from The New York Times, and developed The Rock n’ Roll CEO concept, a next level business strategy that has become a series of featured columns in the Huffington Post’s Business section. In April 2013, Gutstadt delivered a talk at TEDx Hollywood 2013 in Los Angeles.

Since its 2009 launch, Jingle Punks has revolutionized the commercial music industry, launching innovative partnerships, creating new aesthetics in custom composition, and developing patent-pending proprietary technology that is the envy of the industry. Along the way, Jingle Punks has become the fastest growing music publisher in the business. Visit Jingle Punks on the web: www.jinglepunks.com

Jared is one of hundreds of professional music creators and industry experts set to speak at the 2013 ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO. Click here for the full list.

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